100% Wool Sweaters for Women

A sweater, which is a knitted or crocheted garment that traditionally covers the arms and torso, is different than a sweatshirt. It is constructed with materials such as 100% wool, cashmere, or cotton to keep you warm. It can be used to layer clothing, add detail to attire, or make a fashion statement.

What are the available styles of 100% wool sweaters?
  • Pullover: A pullover sweater is a one-piece sweater you put on by pulling it over your head. It covers the arms and upper body and stops mid-thigh or the hip area. This sweater is available with a variety of designs such as long sleeves, a crew neck, or a ribbed hemline.
  • Cardigan: A wool cardigan is like a coat or light jacket because it has either a zipper or buttons that allow you to close it. A wool cardigan has long sleeves. The end of the sleeves may be capped or ribbed. It does not have a collar.
  • V-Neck: A V-neck knitted or crocheted sweater has a neckline that is wide at the top and narrows into a point at the neck. The hem or cuffs may be ribbed. It is typically the most form-fitting of all the sweaters for women.
  • Turtleneck: A turtleneck is a sweater with a long tube of fabric for the collar. The fabric allows you to drape the collar around your neck or fold down to the base of your neck. The turtleneck is another type of form-fitted sweater with a hem that stops at the top of the hip or at the waist.
  • Tunic: A tunic sweater is a garment that is longer than a shirt but shorter than a dress. It is loose fitting.
How do you choose a 100% wool sweater for women?
  • Pick the Color: Wool cardigans feature a solid color or several different colors of yarns. The latter is knitted or crocheted together to make a distinct pattern.
  • Determine the Pattern: Sweaters that have a decorative pattern includes scenery, images, or holiday themes. They also include strips, argyle, and checkers.
  • Pick the Fit: The fit of a womanu001as sweater depends on the style such as slim fit or loose.

Wool cardigans and sweaters for women come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. Whether a turtleneck or tunic, they are ideal for women who want to stay warm.