Enjoy a Piece of Art With the 14k Tennis Diamond Fine Jewelry

The 14k diamond tennis bracelet is a thin metal chain connected by small diamonds. No matter what kind of stone is mounted on them, they give off a shining brilliance to be admired. New or vintage tennis bracelets are the perfect accessory to wear whatever the season or event, and you're spoiled for choice on eBay.

What should you look for in a 14k tennis bracelet?

The 14k diamond tennis bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry, and if you're looking to make a special purchase for yourself or to give as a gift, take some time to get to know the types, styles, and diamonds used in these bracelets.

  • Metal type and color: Tennis bracelets usually come in white gold, gold, rose gold, or platinum. Choosing the right one is mostly based on how much you're willing to spend along with your personal tastes.
  • Styling: Most designs contain one loop or row of diamonds while other bracelets have two or three sets of stones. The styles usually come in three forms: prong, channel or bezel.
  • Diamond uniformity: Each diamond should look the same when viewing with the naked eye. They will all have the same color and clarity as well as give off a brilliant sparkle.
How do you choose the metal for the bracelet?

When figuring out to decide which metal you want your bracelet to have, bear in mind there will be a trade-off between price and durability. Most go with white gold bracelets since the color is a middle-ground option. It is not as expensive as platinum bracelets and offers greater durability than yellow gold bracelets.

How the quality of the diamonds on bracelets are graded

Diamond tennis bracelets are considered to be an investment in a similar fashion to necklaces and wedding rings. When looking for a bracelet, you may want to consider the following characteristics:

  • Carat: This is the weight of the diamonds. This characteristic does not bear as much weight compared to the color, cut and clarity of each individual diamond.
  • Clarity: This is the number, size, and position of flaws and inclusions inside a diamond. Inclusions are imprints to describe and identify the diamonds' unique signature.
  • Cut: This is the number of angles, shapes, and proportions of each diamond.
  • Color: A diamond is more valuable based on how white it is, due to the increased brilliance for each increasing whiteness level.