A Quick Introduction to 14k Yellow Gold Fine Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Popularized in 1978 by tennis champion Chris Evert Lloyd, the tennis bracelet has become an iconic measure of success and fashion. You do not need to be a tennis champion to wear this fashion piece though. You can find a wide variety of inexpensive 14k yellow gold fine diamond tennis bracelets on eBay to suit your needs.

Are there different diamond colors available in these women's tennis bracelets?

You will find a range of diamond colors in these new or preowned tennis bracelets. The scale of diamond colors established by the American Gem Society starts at D, the highest color quality, a colorless, clear diamond. A diamond colored Z would exhibit a yellow or brown tinge. In between those two extremes, you find many color variations such as H and G color diamonds which are a very pale yellow.

  • L-Z: Faint to Light Color
  • K: Faint
  • J: Near Colorless
  • I: Near Colorless
  • H: Near Colorless
  • G: Near Colorless
  • F: Colorless
  • E: Colorless
  • D: Absolutely Colorless
The different size stones available among these new and used 14k yellow gold fine diamond tennis bracelets

The tennis bracelets here range from .50 carats to 10 carats in weight. The color shows up more readily in larger stones, so if a clear stone is important to you, then choose either smaller stones of lower color quality or larger stones of higher color quality. Typically, these bracelets range from one to five karats in weight.

Clarity grades of diamonds

Whether you are shopping for new or vintage 14k yellow gold fine diamond tennis bracelets, you need to determine which clarity grades you find acceptable and which are affordable for your budget. If you want a flawless diamond, look for clarity grade AGS 0. Even under 10 times magnification, these diamonds show no blemishes or inclusions. Clarity grades also have a range of measurements. These are determined when a jeweler examines the diamonds under 10 times magnification.

  • AGS 0, a flawless diamond
  • AGS 1 or 2 or VVS, very minor inclusions
  • AGS 3 or 4 or VS
  • AGS 5, 6, or 7 or SI
  • AGS 7, 8, 9, or 10 or I, obvious inclusions visible under magnification
Are there other gems these diamond tennis bracelets contain?

Some of the diamond tennis bracelets available on eBay also contain citrine or sapphires. You may also find them accented with rubies.