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Fix a Broken Laptop Screen With a 15.4-Inch LED LCD Screen

A laptop's monitor is an essential part of the computer, because you use it to view the internet, play games, complete work, watch movies, and more. If you have recently dropped or otherwise damaged your computer, you may notice that the LCD screen has cracks, stuck pixels, darkened patches, or other problems. In order to fix this problem and start using your computer again, you will need to order a replacement screen and repair the broken LCD and LED areas.

What types of laptops use 15.4-inch screens?

Screens that are 15.4 inches diagonally are fairly common sizes for laptops, so many companies use this standard display size for their monitors. You may need a 15.4-inch display if you have one of these brands:

  • Dell
  • Asus
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Acer
How do you choose the right computer display?

Follow these tips to find the right screen for your laptop:

  • Consider your brand: Some brands may be compatible with other types of screens, but many will only work if you pick a component made by the company itself.
  • Match your model: In some cases, you may need to get a part that is specifically for your laptop model.
  • Decide on a finish: A glossy finish will look shiny and reflect light, and a matte finish will have a duller texture that does not reflect as much glare.
  • Choose your desired condition: Computer parts are available as brand new, refurbished, or used screens.
Does the LCD panel come with an LED backlight?

Many LED LCD screens contain a combination of the two types of displays. These screens will have a LED lighting array mounted on the back of the LCD screen that shows the images on your computer. However, not every option will include the two components. You can buy an individual LED backlight or LCD panel if you only want to replace a single item on your computer. Different brands may include different items with their package, so read the manufacturer's product description carefully to see if the LCD and LED are included in any specific item.

What is the resolution of the screen?

The resolution of the screen refers to the number of pixels it contains along the vertical and horizontal distances of the display. A higher number allows for crisper images, and a lower number is easier for the computer to manage. Standard resolution for 15.4-inch screens include the following:

  • 1024 by 768
  • 1200 by 800
  • 1440 by 900
  • 1680 by 1050
  • 1920 by 1200
  • 2880 by 1800