Update Your PC with 1GB Modules of PC3200 RAM

RAM or random access memory provides the necessary backbone to your daily PC needs. Together with processors and permanent storage, 1GB of memory lets you store, access, and run everything from games to digital photo albums. If some of your memory gets damaged or if you would like an upgrade, cards are relatively easy to replace.

What are the features of PC3200 RAM?

PC3200 refers to the type of memory. To standardize different types of RAM, computer manufacturers package specific features on the same hardware and then give labels to the standard bundles. This standardization makes it easier to match memory cards with compatible motherboards. Here are the key features you will find on all PC3200 memory modules.

  • DDR DIMM format: This stands for double data rate (DDR) dual inline memory module (DIMM). Modules of this type can access memory twice per clock cycle, making them faster than single-cycle memory types. Most DIMMs you'll find in this category use unbuffered memory, which is faster.
  • DDR400 chip type: This chip type is essentially synonymous with the PC3200 designation. That is why you will often see PC3200 and DDR400 used interchangeably.
  • 400MHz/s bus speed: This stands for 400MHz (megahertz) per second. It refers to the speed of the bus, the transfer system between memory and your PC, that gives the chip type its name. DDR SDRAM measures clock speed in MHz per second.
  • 3200MB/s transfer rate: This refers to the rate at which memory gets to and from your DDR module. DDR DIMMs transfer 8 bits of data at a time. It is like having a bus with eight seats capable of carrying a max of eight passengers that can go back and forth 400 times a second. This gives you the total maximum amount of data you can access in one second from PC3200 RAM regardless of total memory size.
How much can 1GB accomplish?

1GB equals 1,000MB or megabytes of memory. To put this in perspective, a GB equals approximately several hundred standard photos or 300 minutes of standard definition streaming video. Because RAM is intended for short-term storage, you will usually need a GB of data only for things like caching video and game files while watching or playing. Some basic system functions use small amounts of RAM. However, if you do run out of RAM, everything will often slow down. Adding 1GB of RAM to your PC can help minimize slowdowns while multitasking by allowing your computer to efficiently allocate resources. Most PCs come with easy access to memory slots specifically for this purpose, so that you can upgrade memory as needed.

What is ECC?

ECC or error-correcting code refers to an optional addition to memory hardware. This code helps to ensure that memory will be kept secure from unexpected alterations. You may want to consider ECC if you have critical data or if you live at higher altitudes where environmental factors make errors more common. For everyday use, you probably will not notice the difference.