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Windows 10 PC Laptops for Every Day Use

As the demands of the modern Internet generation grows in terms of workloads and processing requirements, many computer makers are striving to release capable premium laptops that can meet those demands. From gaming and entertainment to business and content creation, there's a high-end offering for any use case. 

What Types of ASUS Laptops Are Available?

  • Gaming: Laptops that prioritize gaming capabilities typically have powerful discrete graphics cards inside. With the development of the GTX 10 series, mobile graphics cards are only half an inch behind their desktop counterparts, allowing gaming-oriented laptops to become leagues above their earlier counterparts from two generations prior.
  • Business: These laptops have Intel's top-shelf processors to deliver the level of performance required for modern business computing needs. Ultrabooks fall into this category and have copious amounts of RAM for multitasking purposes.
  • Everyday Computing: This class includes the Eee PC netbook series along with the newer VivoBook lineup. These netbooks and laptops prioritize mobile computing over raw power, making them ideal for the student and the average user. Higher end models feature faster Intel CPUs, higher-resolution screens and even SSD upgrades to replace the HDDs in base models. 
  • Entertainment: With an emphasis on screen quality and multimedia capabilities, these laptops have a suite of entertainment features like dedicated playback buttons, media software, and high capacity HDDs or SSDs.

Some Notable ASUS Windows 10 Laptops:

  • ROG Zephyrus M: The GM501 has the newest Microsoft Windows operating system, Windows 10, and features a performance package that can rival even high-end gaming desktops. It has A GTX 1070 desktop-grade graphics card and an Intel 8th-Gen processor to back up its gaming chops. A Full backlit keyboard, LED accent lighting and a large IPS display with a fast 144 Hz refresh rate allows it to deliver fluid visuals. 
  • ZenBook Pro: The UX550VE, unlike netbooks, have a larger body but a slimmer design that allows it to function as both an entertainment and business laptop. Its premium exterior and high-end GTX 1050 Ti graphics card result in a polished device both inside and out. Its updated Windows OS, Harman Kardon surround sound audio along with 16 GB of RAM work together for fluid multitasking and enjoyable media consumption.
  • Transformer Pro: The T304UA delivers mobile performance with a full Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. The new tablet models take over where the Eee PC netbooks left off to give users an even slimmer but beefier processing suite for business and school. It has a stylus for note-taking and sketching, while its kickstand gives it the stability required for drawing and touch-navigation tasks. Its flip-style keyboard doubles as a cover.