ATI Technologies AMD Computer Graphics Cards

AMD is a semiconductor company that designs and manufactures many types of graphics cards. The GPU is the part of the computer that creates the sophisticated graphics that form the cornerstone of what you actually see on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Many cards are built into the computer itself, but AMD sells all of its cards separately so that users can upgrade their hardware or build computers from scratch.

What are some differences between various AMD video cards?

The company offers a huge range of video cards that vary based on quality and performance. Each series of graphics card contains a different architecture, clock speed, memory capacity, and fill rate. They are designed to fit the needs of almost anyone from casual computer users to professional video editors and hardcore gamers. AMD has released many different series of cards:

  • The Radeon HD Series (HD 8000, HD 7000, etc.)
  • The Radeon R5/R7/R9 Series
  • The Radeon RX Series
  • Additional lines for laptop and mobile devices.

Buying a card is often a difficult and time-consuming process, and it is important to understand how each card conforms to your unique needs and requirements.

What GPUs does AMD offer for high-end graphics performance?

The RX Series is their main high-end GPU. Designed for gaming and other consumer applications, these graphics cards are based on a small 28-nanometer or 14-nanometer architecture, meaning they can fit more transistors on a single chip. They have high clock speeds and large amounts of memory for high-quality graphics. They are compatible with virtual reality headsets, high-definition monitors, and DirectX 12 gaming. Their geometry engines can efficiently process millions of polygons, a prerequisite for running graphically demanding games at high settings and a high frame rate. They also brandish unique features such as FreeSync technology, which reduces the amount of screen tearing in games (screen tearing is a kind of visual artifact that occurs when information from multiple frames is drawn at the same time).

Does AMD make any GPUs for professional use?

Yes, the FirePro, FireStream, and Radeon Pro series are among the many professional cards that the company offers. These cards are designed for computer-intensive tasks, including 3-D rendering, imaging software, multimedia content creation, mechanical engineering design software, professional virtual reality applications, and server-based GPUs. AMD has developed entire lines that specialize in virtualization and workstation tasks.

Do AMD cards have any special requirements for installation?

Generally, graphics cards require minimal effort to install on older hardware. As long as the card you are trying to replace is not integrated into the computer, you should be able to remove it from the PCIe bus interface and replace it with your recently purchased card in a matter of minutes. You may need to download different graphics drivers before the card will work with your computer. Updating drivers is often required when the recently purchased card was designed by a different manufacturer than the older card.