Choosing the Right pair of AfterShokz Headphones

Listen to your tunes anywhere with these AfterShokz wireless headphones. You do not have to be tethered to your phone or other music device when you own a pair, which means you can go running or hiking with them. You can find new or pre-owned Aftershokz headphones on eBay.

What is bone conduction technology?

These headphones are unique in that they use bone conduction technology. This means that sound is sent to the inner ear through the bones of the skull, no eardrum necessary. The "ear" pieces fit directly in front of your ear, allowing your ear canal to remain unencumbered. Since the sound is going through your bones, you can sometimes feel a slight vibration. This is the clue that they are functioning as they should. A gaming model for these wireless headphones is also available.

How is bone conduction technology useful?

Since you are not plugging your ear canal with ear buds, you can hear what is happening around you. You do not have to become oblivious to the rest of the world when listening to your music or podcasts. For those who exercise outdoors, especially long-distance, this is extremely helpful in that you can listen to your music while exercising and still be safe.

What are some other features of these AfterShokz headphones?

These headphones are mostly made of titanium, making them incredibly lightweight and durable. With the wraparound headband, you can wear these comfortably and inconspicuously all day. They are designed to repel dirt, sweat, and moisture, and you can listen to music for up to six hours with a single charge. A few features available on different AfterShokz wireless headphone models are listed here:

  • Audrey Says: This is a voice prompt that allows you to speak commands for pairing and playing.
  • Noise-cancelling microphones: These microphones enhance your speech to callers.
  • LeakSlayer technology: This reduces leaked sound.
  • PremiumPitch technology: This technology enhances your sound experience.
What are other specifications of these AfterShokz?

These affordable Aftershokz headphones on eBay come with a lithium-ion battery pack that is rechargeable. A single charge offers up to 20 hours of stand-by time and six hours of continuous play/talk time. A full charge is reached quickly in just two hours. They weigh just 1.6 ounces so you will hardly notice they are on. They are up to date with Bluetooth version 4.2 and the wireless range is 33 feet. There are models to fit your personal needs and budget, some of which are listed here:

  • AfterShokz Trekz
  • AfterShokz Trekz Titanium
  • AfterShokz Trekz Air
  • AfterShokz Sportz
  • AfterShokz Gamez