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Create Great Photography Lighting With an Alien Bees Monolight Flash

If you're a photographer who needs the optimal lighting to create professional-quality photographs, you should look into buying a monolight flash. eBay has a great selection of Alien Bees monolight flashes to help photographers get the light quality they need when shooting in a variety of settings.

What is included in a monolight flash?

Most monolights will have some components in common. These include:

  • Power connector and power switch: Involved in supplying energy from the light socket to the monolight
  • Flashtube: This is the bulb that creates the flash.
  • Modelling light: This is a constant light source, and it is often used to illuminate the subject at a consistent rate.
  • Umbrella Socket: This is a device that a light-modifying umbrella is plugged into. They are used to create a greater range of effects.
  • Stand socket: This device allows the monolight to be mounted on a light stand.
  • Slave sensor: This senses the flashes of other strobes.
  • Remote control: Some monolights have this feature, which allows the user to control the light wirelessly, adjusting lamp intensity and light output.
What should you consider when buying a monolight?

When you're choosing a monolight, there are several things that you should consider. You should know that monolights have a cord to connect to a power source, and that's one of the reasons that they're often used in studio work. Portability is another factor for why it's used in studio work. When you're buying a monolight, you can also look to see if the monolight that you're considering has electronics to help it maintain an even color temperature.

What types of Alien Bees flash units can you find?

eBay has a great selection of Alien Bees flash units, and they come with several different accessories. For instance, there are modeling lamps, sets of B800 flash units, reflectors, Einstein light stand mounting blocks, and B1600 flash units. These are sometimes sold with honeycomb grids, dinalite stands, and battery packs. They can also have cases for carrying and storing cords.

What are the benefits of a monolight?

One of the biggest benefits of a monolight is that it emits a good amount of light. It also can be fired remotely, and it can be set to continuous or strobe lighting. Monolights come with their own battery pack in the head, so you don't always need a power supply. It can be ideal for product and modeling photography, too. You can also create many effects with a monolight flash. The types of effects that you create will depend on exposure time, shutter speed, and other lighting equipment that you decide to implement, such as umbrellas and softboxes.

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