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All-Clad Cookware

Made in the United States, All-Clad Cookware combines materials to achieve heat throughout each of its pots and pans. With this cookware, the heat-conducting metals are bound together, and the conductive core extends around the pan.

What features does the Copper Core line have?

Copper is known for its good conductivity and has been used in cookware for generations by all manner of chefs. All-Clad's Copper Core cookware line features five layers of metals. The food contact surface is stainless steel, which will not react with foods the way that copper does.

Stovetop pieces come with lids and can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction stoves. Everything from a 12-inch fry pan to sauce pans, Dutch ovens and full cookware sets are available within this line. These pots and pans are all dishwasher-safe. There are also non-stick and standard options. All-Clad also makes a full line of stainless steel tools to match the finish of this collection.

What are some features of the All-Clad D3 Armor line?

All-Clad's D3 Armor cookware line is constructed with two layers of stainless steel and a layer of aluminum. This allows heat to spread across whatever pot or pan you are using. Full cookware sets are included in this line, as well as individual pieces. This cookware line includes everything from tea kettles to slow cookers, as well as the usual pots and pans. Stovetop types come with lids. This line includes:

  • Stovetop pieces: Three-ply metal construction helps to ensure heat is distributed on the base of the pan and throughout its sides.
  • Tools: All-Clad's full line of stainless steel tools are made to match the finish of this cookware line. The set includes locking tongs, whisks, barbecue tools, and ladles.
  • Electrics: This cookware line includes slow cookers, rice cookers, toasters, and more. Specialty items like waffle irons are made to All-Clad's specifications.
What are features of the D5 Brushed line by All-Clad?

The D5 Brushed line features five-ply aluminum and stainless steel. There are both standard and non-stick options available in this line. It can be used on induction, gas or electric stoves. Stovetop cookware comes with fitted lids.

What other materials does All-Clad use in its cookware?

A few other materials All-Clad uses include:

  • Anodized aluminum - Anodizing aluminum is a way of making it non-stick without a chemical coating. It also heats up and cools down quickly.
  • Cast iron - This material has been in use for many years. All-Clad sometimes coats its cast iron products with enamel.
  • Ceramic - Made of clay, ceramic is often hard and smooth. It can often be found as an insert piece for slow cookers and fondue pots.
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