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Men's Alligator Boots

If you are looking for a pair of cowboy boots, then make sure to consider those made of alligators. Reptilian cowboy boots come in all different styles, so make sure to choose the one that is right for your needs by understanding the different types of alligator cowboy boots. Finally, think about which toe style appeals to you the most.

What are alligator cowboy boots?

Alligator cowboy boots have the tops made out of at least a pair of American alligators. These skins are extremely soft and durable. If you examine them closely, you will notice umbilical scars adding an interesting feature to these boots. Exotic alligator boots have an elongated web pattern that is less uniform than that found in other boot materials. If you look closely, you can usually see small lines under each tile adding visual interest to the western boots.

What are hornback cut and belly cut cowboy boots?

Manufacturers of boots made of alligator make hornback and belly cut cowboys boots. Belly cut boots are made by cutting the alligator skin down the belly resulting in a soft leather. When making hornback boots, the reptile's skin is cut down the top resulting in a more durable boot. Some manufacturers also use the tail when making boots, but the tail is usually reserved for making decorations.

What shaft heights are available in cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots made of alligator come in many different shaft heights. Therefore, you may want to consider your purpose in buying alligator boots. Most cowboy boots and western riding boots have a shaft height of about 12 inches while alligator ropers have a shorter shaft of about 8 inches. These do a good job of protecting the foot and ankle when working. Alligator-skin western fashion boots may have a taller shaft, but these are usually reserved for making a style statement.

What different toe styles are available in boots made of alligator?

There are four styles of toes available in cowboy boots including:

  • Broad square toe- This style is great for people with wide feet because it features a little extra room.
  • Pointed toe- This style is about making a fashion statement, which is particularly true for those featuring extremely pointed toes.
  • Round toe- This style is usually more comfortable for people who plan to do a lot of walking.
  • Square toe- This style is intended for riding as it is easier to keep it from getting tangled in the stirrup.