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Alpine 12 Inch Car Subwoofers

Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Alpine 12-Inch Car Subwoofers

Automobile subwoofers allow you to enjoy an immersive listening experience with the full range of low sound frequencies, including the bass notes. The 12-inch subwoofers act as an amplifier for low sound frequencies and are made to fit in a car and be wired to your other audio components and the cars battery for power. There are many specifications, types, and enclosure styles to consider when searching for Alpine 12-inch car subwoofers.

What are the available types of the 12-inch car subwoofers?

The available types of 12-inch subwoofers include:

  • Enclosed and powered: The 12-inch enclosure wraps around the cone to form a box configuration, and a power supply is inside of the box.
  • Enclosed and non-powered: The enclosing material wraps around the cone in a box configuration, and there is no independent power supply.
  • Non-enclosed and powered: There is no enclosure, which increases the mounting options. There is a power supply on the back of the cone.
  • Non-enclosed and non-powered: There is no enclosure, and the woofer must be wired to a power supply.
What are the voice coil and wiring options for subwoofers?

These automobile subwoofers may have one or two voice coils. The single coils have one positive terminal and one negative terminal for wiring. The dual coils have two positive and two negative terminals. The dual coil units can be wired in series, in parallel, or independently of one another.

What are the specifications of the car subwoofers?

The subwoofers for automobiles have the following specifications:

  • Frequency response: The frequency response of these subwoofers ranges from 26 to 200 Hz.
  • Impedance: The impedance of the woofers is 2 ohms to 8 ohms, depending on how you choose to wire the unit and whether it has one or two coils.
  • Sensitivity: The sensitivity of this audio equipment ranges from 80 dB to 95 dB.
What are the max and RMS power of the subwoofers?

The max or peak power output of these subwoofers for automobiles ranges from 1,500 to 2,250 watts, depending on the enclosure and coil types. The root mean square, or RMS power of the audio woofers ranges from 250 to 500 watts, depending on the model.

What are some of the features of these car subwoofers?

Some of the available features of this audio equipment for automobiles include:

  • Steel frame: The units may have a steel housing frame.
  • Airflow management: The woofers have an airflow management system to keep the sensitive electronics cool.
  • Rubber surround: To reduce vibration and heat transfer, the housing has a rubber surround.
  • Kevlar reinforcement: The cone of the woofer is reinforced with Kevlar over the pulp.
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