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American Girl Games

Since 1986, the American Girl line of dolls and toys has featured girls from historical and contemporary times. A wide range of games is available based on this line of dolls and toys that are produced by the Pleasant Company.

Are old games available for all the American Girl lines?

In addition to the American Girl collection, Girl Games are available for their sister collections, BeForever, Girl of the Year, and Wellie Wishers. Some of the challenges will be in more than one collection, giving a greater selection of games to play.

  • BeForever: The dolls from the BeForever collection include some of the first American Girl dolls, such as Molly McIntire, Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, and Addy Walker. Puzzles and Girl Games include historical adventures and logic challenges.
  • Girl of the Year: Girl of the Year dolls began production in 2001. Each doll was exclusive to that year, but their accessories and Girl Games are sometimes still available.
  • Wellie Wishers: Wellie Wisher dolls became available in 2016 and have a body design similar to the historical characters.
What are some games available from American Girl?

American Girl games cover a range of play types, including multiplayer titles for the doll collection that feature sports such as soccer and sledding. In these games, pets are often used as the competitors. More traditional competitive titles include American Girl basketball and racing. Some of the many other titles of American Girl games include the following:

  • Nanea: Hula Life
  • Jess’s Waterfall Jump
  • The Wellie Wisher Game
  • Anita: Snow Runner
  • Lea Run
  • Grace’s Ice Cream Sale
  • Molly Route 66 Adventure
  • Tenney World Tour
  • Snickerdoodle: I Like Food!
  • Meet the Dolls
  • Dolls Grown Up
What is the difficulty level of the American Girl games?

The difficulty level for the American Girl doll game titles will vary based on the method of playing, such as a board game or a game that requires more physical activity. Other factors include the age range. Wellie Wisher dolls are designed to be simpler games. Puzzle difficulty will vary based on the size and the number of the pieces available for the particular title in question.

When did games for the American Girl dolls become available?

In addition to the brand's toys that are designed for fun and learning, games for the American Girl collections have been available since the inception of the American Girl product line in 1986.

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