Ammunition Cans

Protect Your Cartridge Boxes and Survival Gear With Ammunition Cans

Ammunition cans are metal or plastic cans which can protect and store a variety of dry goods, survival gear, camping gear, or ammo boxes. They were traditionally designed to store ammunition during World War II and can be extremely versatile in a survival situation. The lid commonly features a rubber gasket, which seals moisture out of the compartment in order to help prevent water damage to items inside.

What can you use ammunition cans for?

Besides keeping stored goods safe, tactical cartridge cans can also be resourceful tools to use in a survival situation or for various types of recreational activities. The cans made of metal are typically safe to use as a makeshift stove or oven, or to boil water inside if youre in a bind. Other useful purposes of an ammo can include:

  • Boat container or spare battery storage
  • First aid supply storage
  • Fruit and vegetable seed storage
  • Precious metals or currency cache
  • Burial cache or personal safe
How many cartridge boxes can you store inside ammo cans?

Most ammo cans may be bought for specific types and caliber sizes of bullets. Some may also feature a label on the side which lists the capacity of cartridges, the caliber size, the site of manufacturing, and a lot number. As a rule of thumb, around 125 12-gauge shotgun shells can fit inside a 12 by 7 by 6-inch can.

Can you lock cartridge boxes?

Some cartridge cans have lock kits installed which can be secured with a padlock. Plastic cans may have small holes near the edges of the lids that can also be padlocked. You can purchase lock kits purchased separately and install them in some metal ammo cans. Types of locks that can be used on ammo cans include:

  • Built-in keyhole with a set of keys
  • Padlocks with a set of keys
  • Padlocks with a combination lock
  • Steel cable padlocks with a combination lock or a set of keys
  • U-locks with a set of keys
Can you store loaded magazines inside an ammo can?

Most ammo containers can hold a special military-grade polyethylene foam insert kit that helps store pistol or rifle magazines individually. Each clip is stored bottom-up and divided conveniently to give you easy access. Some of these foam kits may feature a special cutout to hold a small semi-automatic pistol.