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Cadillac Escalade Antennas

The antenna of your Cadillac Escalade plays an important role in receiving signals for your radio. There are many options when you need to replace or upgrade the antenna in your SUV.

What types of exterior antennas are there?

There are four main types of exterior antennas that are compatible with your Cadillac. Understanding the options can be helpful when you need to make a selection.

  • Internal antennas are mounted inside your Escalade. These will usually be mounted either behind or on the dashboard. Sometimes they will also be mounted in the trunk of your Cadillac. With this option the antenna is protected from the elements and accidental damage.
  • Whip antennas are made of a long, thin, flexible piece of metal. This antenna will either be mounted on the hood or trunk of your Cadillac. One feature of this design is that the flexibility allows the antenna to withstand strong winds and other adverse weather conditions.
  • Retractable antennas are made of thin pieces of metal. They are designed to let the antenna can retract downward into a compact, protective casing. With most automatic retractable antennas, the antenna controls are typically tied to when the radio is turned off or on.
  • Satellite antennas are mounted to the roof of your Escalade by a magnet. Satellite antennas can provide a clear signal to your radio in a variety of conditions. The antenna is connected to a radio dock inside the vehicle, and you have the option of selecting from different satellite radio services.
What are some tips for selecting an antenna?

Selecting replacement antennas for your Cadillac Escalade can be overwhelming with the number of options. Following these tips can be helpful when you need to make a selection for your vehicle.

  • Select antennas that are compatible with your car. You will want to know the model year of your car. Sometimes the manufacturer will make changes to the parts used in the middle of the production year. In these instances you may want to know the production date. You can find this information on the inside of your door frame on a label.
  • Select a style. You have many options available when selecting an antenna. Each antenna option have different advantages that can be useful for your radio.
  • Select a brand. You can choose from direct factory replacements or third party options that are compatible with your car.
What companies manufacture antennas for your Cadillac Escalade?

When you need to replace the antenna of your Escalade, there are many companies to choose from. If you prefer original equipment manufacturer parts, you can select from parts made by General Motors, Cadillac, and ACDelco. OEM parts are produced to the same factory specifications as the original parts installed on your Escalade. Metra, ICBeamer, Alpine, and other companies produce a number of aftermarket antennas that are compatible with your car. With aftermarket options, you may need to make adjustments so that the parts fit properly in your SUV. There are also several unbranded options.