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Ford Focus Antennas

Keep the audio and the good times flowing with an effective antenna system serving as your conductor. Available in almost dizzying varieties, Ford Focus antennas provide you with coverage across a range of frequencies. Plus, their physical designs can add an extra bit of grace to the sleek lines of your Focus sedan or hatchback, melding form and function into a harmonized unit.

What are Ford Focus antenna features you should look for?

While this depends partially on your needs, effective antennas often have a lot in common. Efficient antennas do a good job of receiving radio signals from a variety of directions without a problem. They are also usually mountable in multiple locations across your Ford, a factor that can further increase input clarity. Some antennas also give you the option of receiving signals across a broad frequency spectrum and offer genuine durability.

What are some types of Ford Focus antennas?

Ford Focus antennas come in many varieties, giving you plenty of opportunities to find models that fit your personal style and your needs.

  • Monopole - You can find these workhorses of the antenna world on a lot of vehicles. Formed from simple metal or composite wires, monopoles mount through small holes. While these designs had limited frequency ranges in the past, their capabilities have broadened, making them solid choices for many.
  • Patch - Patch designs are fundamentally similar to monopoles but in flattened form. This makes it easy to mount them on various car surfaces and even out of view.
  • Glass-mounted - The epitome of unobtrusiveness, glass-mounted models use existing metallic elements within car windows to modulate radio signals. If you appreciate efficiency and saved space, you will appreciate these models.
  • Fractal - Small in size, fractal antennas have small footprints and can be hard to notice on the Focus unless pointed out. While their diminutive dimensions can be an issue in urban canyons, this tendency is offset by their ability to combine their abilities to boost overall signal strength. This strength-in-numbers approach may actually intensify if you add more units to the network.
What are some good mounting points for your Focus antennas?

If you choose to go with an externally mounted model, you will have no shortage of possible mounting points on your Ford sedan or hatchback. A good rule of thumb is to mount your radio receivers as high as possible, so the roof of your Ford vehicle is a good place to start. Other possible and tested locations include windows, screens, bumpers, and fenders. You can, of course, place your antenna anywhere that it can perform its duties without sustaining damage or too much interference.