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Jeep Grand Cherokee Antennas

Exterior antennas for the Jeep Grand Cherokee can serve a variety of entertainment and functional purposes, whether your Jeep spends more time on- or off-road. You can find a wide variety of antennas for your SUV, which can be designed to receive various frequencies. No matter what type of antenna you are looking for, learning more about the Grand Cherokee antenna options will help you make the right choice.

What are antennas, and which types can you find?

An antenna is a specially designed part that works by receiving certain frequencies or radio wavelengths. It is located on the roof of your Cherokee, where it receives these transmissions and uses the power from your Jeeps engine to turn them into sound waves. Your Grand Cherokees engine then amplifies this sound through your vehicles radio and speakers.

Antennas can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are categorized mostly by their function and the type of frequency they are designed to receive. Common types of antennas for your Jeep Grand Cherokee include the following:

  • Monopoles: Monopoles can also be referred to as standard or whip antennas. This option usually comes stock on most cars and SUVs, and it is designed to receive AM and FM frequencies. Monopoles can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be rigid and inflexible or retractable, or they can move on an automatic track system.
  • Satellite: This type of antenna is non-directional and receives their frequencies from global satellites. This type allows your Jeep to receive a broader range of stations and channels.
  • Signal-boosters: This type of antenna can boost your cell phone service while you drive as it picks up on local cell phone tower frequencies.
Where should it be placed on your Grand Cherokee?

The location and installation of your Grand Cherokees exterior antenna is mostly determined by its type. Satellite models, for instance, can be placed in a broader range of locations on the exterior of your luxury Jeep. Monopoles are typically installed on the exterior body of the vehicle, on the fenders, trunk, hood, or roof. In order for your Jeeps antenna to perform optimally, you should install it according to its specific instructions.

Are there ways to improve your Jeeps reception?

While replacing or changing your Cherokees antenna can certainly improve your range and reception, there are a few other things you can do to enhance performance. Ensuring your parts and connections between hardware are not damaged, for example, can help aid in better reception. If you have resolved all of your Jeeps technical issues and are still experiencing problems, you can find signal-boosters that are designed to pinpoint frequencies and boost your range.