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Volkswagen Passat Antennas

The antenna on your Volkswagen Passat is an important component of entertainment and information in your vehicle. You can find a wide variety of Volkswagen antennas to serve many purposes. Whether you want to change your Volkswagen sedans antenna for functional or cosmetic reasons, theres an antenna to suit your vehicles driving needs.

What is an antenna and what is its purpose?

An antenna is a part that attaches to the exterior of the body of the trunk, hood, roof, fender, or window. In some Volkswagen models, antennas may also be built into the interior of the dashboard. This part is designed to receive specific wavelengths that have been sent over frequencies by a transmitter located elsewhere.

When the Volkswagen antenna receives these wavelength transmissions, it sends them to a radio receiver within your Volkswagen Passat that is powered by your engine. While your engine is running, the receiver amplifies these frequencies through your radio and speakers. Antennas can be designed to receive various types of frequencies or wavelengths while you drive and can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

What types are available for your Passat?

Each type of antenna is categorized by which type of frequency it receives. The standard antenna receives AM and FM wavelengths and is often referred to as a whip antenna or monopole. These are singular, long poles, which can be stationary or flexible. Some of these can fold in and out like a telescope while others use your Passats engine power to extend and retract the monopole on an automatic track.

You can also find satellite antennas for your Passat, which are designed to receive global signals from satellite transmitters. These provide you with a wider range of available stations, channels, and frequencies. Unlike the standard monopole, these can attach to various parts of your car and uses a non-directional antenna to receive the transmission.

Other types of antennas you can find for your Volkswagen Passat include GPS location and local broadcast television models. There are also antennas that receive frequencies from local cell towers to boost your cell phone signal. Antennas can be found as OEM or aftermarket Passat products, both in standard and complex varieties. They can also be made of a variety of materials, but are typically made of durable metals and plastics.

When should you replace your VW antenna?

There is no recommended time to change or replace your Passats antenna. Typically, you would change your cars antenna either because it is damaged or doesnt work, or you wish to have an antenna that receives a different frequency.