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Exterior Antennas for Volkswagen R32

An exterior antenna that is designed for a Volkswagen automobile gives you increased radio frequencies for clearer reception while driving. Exterior antennas are designed to remove static from signals. The Volkswagen R32 exterior antennas are designed to function in a variety of environments, such as rough weather and dense urban areas, and they are available for aftermarket installation on your Volkswagen R32 vehicle.

What is included with a Volkswagen R32 antenna?

A general R32 antenna is manufactured to operate in a wide assortment of conditions without obstructing the motorists handling capabilities. The antenna is the main product, and it has a sturdy rubber or metal housing and a port where a user can strategically secure the base in place on a Volkswagen vehicle. Screws and fasteners are generally included with a typical antenna kit. These components are usually rust-resistant and manufactured with longevity in mind. You can use tools that you have on hand to install the R32 antenna according to the directions for your vehicle.

What are the Volkswagen R32 antenna design options?

Because a Volkswagen model can be built with a variety of exterior design elements, antennas are available to suit a variety of looks and styles of vehicle. Some Volkswagen R32 antenna products are thin and straight, others are curved, and still more are thick and bulky.

The R32 antennas that are thin are suitable for sporty Volkswagen automobiles as the simple design helps air circulate around the antenna housing during intensive driving session. Curved antennas are compact and mountable on automobiles that have complex exterior elements. Antennas that are thick and bulky are typically compact and can be mounted on an automobile with tape.

What kinds of vehicles are suitable for an R32 antenna?

Volkswagen antennas are suitable for contemporary Golf automobiles and many Jetta automobiles. Most R32 antennas can also be mounted on a Beetle. Check the specifications of your vehicle in order to ensure a fit with this replacement part.

Can the R32 handle harsh weather conditions?

Stubby antennas that are designed for automobiles have a strong rubber housing. The main construction on this housing can withstand light and heavy rain, strong winds, and icy weather. Thin R32 antennas are constructed out of a tough, flexible material that can handle harsh windy weather. Because strong fasteners are included with thin antennas, these products bend and flex with wind currents.

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