Antenas para iPhone 6 Plus

Replacing the Antenna for Your iPhone 6 Plus

Looking for replacement parts for your iPhone 6 Plus? Is your phone constantly searching for signal? You might need an antenna replacement. Install a new iPhone 6 Plus antenna to get back up and running again in no time. The iPhone 6 Plus antenna replaces the original part in your phone and can restore cellular functionality to your device.

What model of iPhone is this product compatible with?

This antenna is designed for use with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. It is not for use with other models or phones made by other manufacturers. Its important to ensure that your antenna is specific to the iPhone 6, as the developers at Apple change the design with each new iteration of the phone.

Why would you need a replacement for your phones antenna?

The screen is not the only part of a cell phone that is susceptible to damage. The parts inside your phone are delicate and include this tiny antenna connected by an extremely thin ribbon cable. Your antenna could become damaged if you drop your phone or if your phone is exposed to liquid. Sometimes, the cable that connects the antenna to the phones main board becomes damaged or torn.

You may need to replace your antenna if your phone is not able to find your cell carrier after you have restarted it multiple times. If you are in an area in which you normally receive cell phone service, or your cell phone service is less reliable than it used to be, you may have to replace your iPhone 6 Plus antenna.

How can you tell which iPhone you have?

Ensuring you have the correct replacement parts for your phone is critical for a successful repair. You can verify that you have an iPhone 6 Plus by going to your iPhones settings.

  • Click on your iCloud account (the very top of the settings page).
  • Next, scroll down to your devices. If you have multiple Apple products in your account, the phone you are currently using will appear at the top of the list.
  • Click on the phones icon. The phones information page will include a picture of your phone and a list of specifications. On this page, you will be able to see which iPhone model you have under the "model" category. Use this to verify that you are using an iPhone 6 Plus.
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