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How to Untether Your Verizon Tablet

The joy of owning a tablet is easy to describe; it's a portable device that's almost all screen making it a wonderful option for consuming content. The problem is that most tablets are only really useful when you have Wi-Fi coverage. Adding LTE or even 3G data can free you from those boundaries.

What is the Third Generation iPad?

Apple's third generation iPad, never officially known as the iPad 3, was notable for both what it introduced and what it retained. In comparison to later models, it was very much seen as a transitional device, with some features of later iPhones and some from earlier generation products:

  • Screen: This was the first iPad to introduce the Retina screen with its 2048 by 1536 pixel display at 264 pixels per inch, quadrupling the number of pixels on screen in comparison to the iPad 2.
  • Dock Connector: This was the last iPad to use the 30-pin Dock Connector, which gave way to the Lightning Connector. The advantage here was that it allowed people to more easily take advantage of their existing accessories and infrastructure.
  • Wireless Networking: With both Wi-Fi and cellular compatibility available, this iPad is compatible with both Verizon's 4G LTE 700 MHz network and the EV-DO data network.

How Do You Use an Untethered iPad

The first thing you need to do with an untethered tablet is to get a SIM and a data plan so that you can connect to the cellular network for 4G speeds. Once you've got that done, there are a few things you can enjoy with an untethered connection.

  • Video: The iPad 3 is very good at video streaming whether on Wi-Fi or on cellular LTE.
  • Battery Life: One thing to consider is that while the 4G connection gives you more freedom, you also lose about a tenth of your battery life when you use it, so Wi-Fi still has its advantages.
  • Flexibility: The advantage of the Verizon version of the iPad 3 is that it supports both CDMA and GSM networks and their associated data protocols where some of its competitors only support GSM networks.

The Tablet Lifestyle

Whether you are on 4G or Wi-Fi the tablet lifestyle is one of consuming data on your terms. LTE data gives you an element of freedom whether you are using an iPad Mini or one of the larger iPad models. The standard 9.7-inch screen is big enough for reading everything from books to magazines, and the Retina Display is sharp enough that you don't miss a detail of your high definition video. Apple also enables GPS, Glonass, and A-GPS for mapping on this tablet so you won't get lost no matter where you go. The large screen is a huge advantage for navigation, too.

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