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How to Choose Apple iPad Air for Use With Verizon Wireless

The Apple iPad Air is a series of small, lightweight tablet computers with a lithium-ion battery and a mobile operating system. First released in November 2013, the Apple iPad Air features a 9.7-inch multitouch display with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. This version of the iPad Air comes with Verizon Wireless as its carrier.

Is the iPad Air equipped with a camera?

The Apple iPad Air 1st Generation with Verizon carrier features both a front and rear camera. The 1.2 MP front camera can record video at 720p resolution, so you can video conference or keep in touch with friends and family from almost anywhere. The 5 MP rear camera features autofocus, video stabilization, and face-detection technology.

How much storage does the iPad Air contain?

The iPad Air offers the choice of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB of internal flash storage. If the storage space is not large enough for you, then you can also transfer data to an external device.

Which operating system does the iPad Air use?

The iPad Air runs on the iOS 7.0.3 operating system, although it can be updated to a later version of iOS at any time. The iOS 7 operating system is preloaded with the following apps:

  • Mail
  • Music
  • App Store
  • iTunes
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Maps
  • Game Center

In addition, the tablet comes with the Safari web browser, the Siri personal assistant, and the AirDrop service, which lets users send files wirelessly to nearby Apple mobile devices.

What type of sensors is the iPad Air equipped with?

The iPad Air features multiple types of sensors, including the proximity sensor and a digital compass. An ambient light sensor adjusts the screen's brightness automatically depending on the quality of the surrounding light. The combination of a three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer can sense both motion and relative velocity. When you change the tablet from a horizontal to a vertical orientation, or vice versa, it will switch between portrait and landscape modes automatically. The iPad Air contains an entirely separate processor just to calculate the motion data.

Does the iPad Air feature any kind of wireless connectivity?

There are both cellular and non-cellular versions of the iPad Air. The non-cellular version features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity whereas the cellular version adds the ability to connect with a mobile service. The Verizon version lets you access the Internet from anywhere with a Verizon signal. It is not possible to make or receive phone calls directly over a mobile network on the iPad Air. However, you can place phone calls over Wi-Fi or cellular using a VoIP application like Skype. Note that some models of the tablet support LTE bands while others don't.