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Red It Is: The AIDS Awareness iPhone 7

Why is this iPhone 7 red?

The new iPhone 7 is red in honor of AIDS awareness. It also represents a partnership between Apple and the AIDS awareness platform PRODUCT (RED), the brainchild of U2's Bono. Released March 24 of 2017, the AIDS awareness iPhone 7 has all the same dynamic tech features and perks of other iPhone 7s. However, its vibrant, shiny finish stands out in crowds, packing quite a stylish punch.

AIDS awareness iPhone 7: inner beauty

More than a "bombshell," the iPhone 7 has trend-forward hardware features for improved performance, consistency, and longevity. "Boosted" batteries offer up to two more hours of browsing time. An A10 chip boasts swift speeds for more timely processing.

Instead of a physical "Home" button, Apple's Tactic Engine responds to your touch and fingerprint by way of a unique vibrating (haptic) pad. Best of all, the new iPhone 7 is all but hermetically sealed. Its IP67 rating means it resists ingression of dust and is waterproof up to 3 feet of submersion.

Listening, unleashed: no wires or jacks

If you've ever owned an iPhone, you may notice one of the device's standby features is conspicuously absent: the headphone jack. Apple has introduced AirPods, wireless headphones with cable-free Bluetooth technology that senses when the AirPods are in and out of your ears.

Stereo speakers flank the iPhone 7's top and bottom. They are a new edition, emitting crisp, rich sound when streaming media or interacting with a caller via speakerphone.

Step up your selfie and vlogging game

Whether you're taking a selfie, finessing your photography chops, or making updated vids for your socials, this smartphone has you covered with crystal-clear video and images. The six-element lenses provide greater distortion correction with up to 10x digital zoom and cinematic video stabilization, turning your photo sessions into a filmography experience.

What's new on the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7's screen is OLED, organic light-emitting diode technology. OLED is very bright, but it puts less strain on batteries. There's a four-LED flash that's up to 50% brighter and stronger than the flash on previous generations. The upgraded seven-megapixel FaceTime HD camera stabilizes images automatically and has refined sensor technology. The results are high-def quality selfies and FaceTime sessions.

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