Adding a 4 Post Car Lift to Your Garage

A 4 post car lift is a good way to upgrade your garage. It increases your available space and makes car maintenance significantly easier. Car lifts are heavy pieces of machinery, so choose an affordable one with adequate safety features that can lift the full weight of your vehicle.

Should you choose a 4 post or a 2 post car lift?

When youre deciding whether to buy a new or used 4 post or a 2 post car lift from eBay, consider how much work you intend to do in your garage. A 2 post car lift is inexpensive to install, but it is not as stable and cannot be used for long-term storage. If your main goal is extra space in your garage, a 4 post lift is always the better option.

Choose a 4 post lift when youre looking for stability, flexibility, and ease of use. A 4 post lift is the only kind of portable car lift, as it does not always need to be anchored to the ground. Loading a car onto a 4 post lift is as simple as driving over the lift; there is no need to position the arms or worry about the clearance.

Finding the right 4 post car lift for your garage

The two most important features in a 4 post car lift are size and capacity. Make sure the lift will fit comfortably in your garage. There needs to be at least a few inches of clearance above your car after it is lifted to its full height. Car lifts can each hold a specific amount of weight; know which vehicles you intend to lift before you make your purchase.

The brand is an important feature of any 4 post car lift for sale. AUTOLift and BendPak lifts are known for strength and reliability. Most brand-name manufacturers offer warranties, installation assistance, and even maintenance packages to keep your lift in working condition. Be wary of unusual brands from unverified dealers.

When youre considering a used 4 post car lift for sale, check the condition of the motor, support beams, cables, and joints. Avoid purchasing lifts with rust or extremely aged mechanical parts.

4 post car lift safety considerations

Read the instruction manual completely before using your new 4 post car lift. These devices can lift as much as 12,000 pounds; there is little room for user error. Follow the correct safety procedures and obey all the posted warning labels.

  • Safety locks - Many car lifts include automatic safety locks that prevent free-fall after the vehicle is lifted. Rest the vehicle on these locks to keep unnecessary pressure off the lift cables.
  • Anti-sway blocks - A good 4 post lift will include anti-sway mechanisms that hold it in place. This is an industry-standard feature that you cant do without.
  • Wheel chocks -A safe lift has methods to keep the car from rolling forward or backward. You may need to put chocks in place after you drive the car onto the lift.
  • Floor attachment - 4 post lifts can be free-standing, but you can also anchor them to your garage floor. This is significantly safer; you should always secure the lift unless you plan on moving it.
  • Installation - Dont attempt to install a 4 post lift on your own. A lift malfunction could cause serious property damage or injury. If you buy a used car lift, contact an installation company in your area for assistance.