Make Maintenance Easy Using Automotive Tire Changers and Balancers

A tire-changing machine can help you perform routine maintenance on a wide variety of vehicles you might have in your garage without doing all the heavy lifting yourself. Youll find a great selection of new and pre-owned tire changers available at inexpensive prices on eBay. Understanding the different brands or models of tire machines you can choose from and how they work will help you find the one that fits you.

The main types of tire changer and balancer combos

Most tire changer and balancer combo units belong to two main categories. Note that both will help you change a vehicles tires and balance them for performance, but they do this in different ways. The main tire changing machines youll find on eBay include:

  • Manual - Manual tire changer units do not use any special systems to change or balance the tires. They operate using your own power and have a series of levers that can raise them up to help you get at the tires. Most manual systems can lock in place as necessary.
  • Pneumatic - Pneumatic tire changers use pressurized air or gas to help you lift the weight of your vehicle so you can gain access to the tires. These tire machines might be a good option if you need to lift heavier vehicles regularly.
Vehicle types you can use with tire changer balancer combos

Each new or used tire changer balancer combo youll see on eBay is designed with specific vehicle classes in mind. Note that some tire changer machines might work with more than one type of car. You may wish to choose your tire changer and balancer combo based on the kind of vehicle youll use with it most frequently. Some of your options are:

  • Truck - Some tire machines are designed to lift large, heavy trucks for changing.
  • Car - If you drive typical two-door cars, this kind of tire changer might be a great option for you.
  • Commercial - Choose this option if you need to lift a heavy-duty vehicle.
  • ATV - This kind of tire changer and balancer combo can help you perform maintenance on all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles.
When should you buy pre-owned tire machines or balancers?

Youll find a great selection of new and used tire machines at low prices on eBay. Many pre-owned items will function just like their new counterparts. You may wish to purchase a used tire changer and balancer combo if you want a device that has already been tested in the field to work with a particular vehicle type.