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Questions About the Hemi Engine Block for Automotive Model Kits

Scale-size automotive toy model kits do an excellent job of replicating realistic life-size vehicles. If your intricate toy model kit needs new parts, like a Hemi engine block, consider the new and used parts on eBay. These inexpensive parts can complete your toy model kit and make it further resemble the real sports car.

What is a Hemi engine, and how is it made?

A Hemi differs from a regular engine because the roof of each of the cylinders combustion chambers are in the shape of hemispheres. This design increases the valve size. As the valve size is bigger, more air flows through the cylinder. As more air flows through the cylinder, more gas is burned. This is one of the advantages of having this design. Regular engines have flat heads.

The Hemi and their blocks are made out of aluminum, cast iron, and chrome. When purchasing this part, youll want to emulate the life-size vehicle. If the 1932 Ford five-window Coupe comes with a specific engine block, for example, youll want to purchase that exact part for your toy kit.

What kind of Hemi engine blocks are available?

The types of engine blocks found on race cars vary according to the needs of the driver. Here are some options:

  • Basic aluminum
  • The 6.1
  • The 5.7 VVT-based blocks
  • The 6.4 392-based blocks
What scale are toy model Hemi engine blocks available in?

One of the most common scale model sizes for automotive toy kits and their corresponding Hemi parts is 1:25. You can also find additional sizes, however, like 1:32, 1:24, 1:28, and 1:20. Formula One automotive kits often come in the 1:20 scale size while diecast vehicles can be found in the 1:24 and 1:25 sizes.

What vehicles were outfitted with the Hemi?

Chrysler used these in the 1964 Daytona race. Their cars were outfitted with the 426 Hemi. Additional cars that used this engine were the Dodge and the Plymouth. Dodge used them with their Coronet, Charger, Dart Super Stock, and Super Bee models. Plymouth used them in their GTX, Barracuda, Satellite, and Belvedere vehicles.