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Babies' Hair Accessories

Hair accessories for a newborn, infant, or toddler girl can provide just the right finishing touch to an outfit. Hair clips, hair bows, and baby headbands come in every color of the rainbow and are often interchangeable for multiple looks. Whatever amount of hair your baby has at this stage of life, a fun hair clip or baby headband can be a great addition to any wardrobe.

What hair accessories are available for newborn and infant girls?

For a young baby who may not have much hair yet, headbands made from stretchy material often work well and are comfortable. Some elastic baby headbands may already have bow or flower accessories attached. Alternatively, they might be a solid color that can be worn alone or used as a base for another hair clip. Turban and bow styles of headbands and headwraps that are popular with adult women are also available for baby girls, giving your infant a fashion-forward look.

What kinds of hair accessories are available for toddler girls?

As your baby girl begins to have more hair to work with, hair clips of various kinds can be used more easily. Glitter is common on hair pieces for girls this age, and many hair clips also feature pearls and rhinestones. Hair clips and baby headbands with bows and flowers in various colors are also available. While many baby headbands are already decorated and are designed to be worn as-is, plain headbands provide a good base for bows, flowers, or other accessories to clip onto.

How can hair accessories be mixed and matched?

Some hair accessories are designed to be worn alone, but many others are interchangeable to create a custom hair accessory to match any outfit. Elastic or hard plastic baby headbands can be worn as-is or can have a bow, flower, or other hair clip added to it. Hair clips usually have barrettes or alligator clips, and neutral-colored headbands can be a good base for many different combinations.

Are hair accessories sold separately?

Both hard plastic and elastic headbands that are already decorated can be purchased separately, but many baby headbands featuring bows, knots, or floral patterns are available in sets. Typically used as bases for other accessories, plain crochet baby headbands are commonly sold together containing a variety of colors. Hair clips can also be sold singly or in sets that can be mixed and matched.

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