Juguetes para Bebés

Toys for Babies

Toys Have Come a Long Way, Baby

Over the past 50 years or so, baby toys have gone from simple rattles, teddy bears and blocks to much more engaging and interactive versions of these old standbys. Parents have a wide range of character-inspired, educational and developmental toys to choose from today. To find the perfect toys for the baby in your life, start your search with eBay.

Buy Baby Toys on eBay

Colors, textures, sounds… these are all learning experiences for an eager-to-learn newborn. Safe, engaging and entertaining plush toys, soft rattles or other fun crib toys might help keep your newborn content, and certainly will aid in their early development at the same time.

Older Babies’ Toys

As baby starts to develop, crawl and explore, developmental toys will help them discover the world around them as they reach various developmental milestones. These toys will help them discover object permanence, and cause and effect relationships. Babies and toddlers alike love educational toys like baby blocks and sorters they can use to create, as well as role-playing toys that help them imitate mom and dad. Juguetes can even help them learn another language!

The Top Toys for Baby

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to keep baby entertained. In general, babies like toys that make noise and hold their attention. Soft toys that make a crinkly noise, for example, appeal to infants, and older babies love toys that talk or sing. Add an educational element like musical notes, numbers or letters, and everybody wins! Find baby toys, toddler toys, boy toys, girl toys and kids toys all on eBay.

Make eBay Your Baby Toy Store

When you buy toys for infants, it’s tough to predict exactly which toys they will enjoy. You may want to buy gently used baby toys to save money while you keep your playroom stocked with new infant toys. eBay has a wide selection of new and used baby toys for sale, including Carter’s Rattles, Fisher-Price crib toys, Disney plush baby toys, Baby Einstein developmental toys, and blocks and sorters from 2 Years and Up. Shop these and other baby toy brands you trust—Leapfrog, Cloud B and Kids Preferred—all at the lowest prices.