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Heavy Equipment Backhoe Attachments

Backhoe attachments allow owners versatility in using their equipment and making it more efficient. A variety of implements, most with several uses, provide flexibility in performing the job. Finding the right attachment can be straightforward if the buyer knows what he or she is looking for.

What are some backhoe attachments and their uses?

Every backhoe owner needs an attachment that works for the way he or she uses the equipment. Some attachments can hold objects in up to five positions, which can be practical for grasping different materials that bend or move. Other types let the tractor dump its load at increasing heights. Such attachments sometimes include different angles at which the load can drop. Still other implements change a backhoe into a forklift.

Heavy equipment backhoe attachments include:

  • Backhoe bucket: A bucket can move large amounts of sand or dirt and can be used for digging that does not require a great deal of precision.
  • Auger: An auger can perform precision digging tasks including planting, constructing fences, and even light mining.
  • High tip bucket: This attachment can dump materials from a greater height than a general purpose bucket.
  • Broom bucket: This moves debris to assist in cleanup of construction and landscaping jobs and can also be used to clean streets or factory floors.
  • Pallet fork: This converts a backhoe into a forklift for transporting pallets and other bulky items.
  • Hydraulic breaker: This can be used like a jackhammer to break up rock and concrete.
Does the size of the backhoes thumb match its bucket?

To ensure that the backhoe runs properly, and to prevent damage to the equipment, it is highly recommended that the size of the thumb be compatible with the size of the bucket and properly aligned to it. This calculation can be accomplished by measuring boom to bucket. You should know the machines measurement before buying your desired piece of equipment.

How do you ensure a good fit for an attachment?

A tractor has specifications based on its design, so its important to check the model number. Then you can compare that specific number with the tractor attachment you’d like to buy. It is important to double-check these specifications as they vary among different tractors. Using the wrong attachment for a certain machine can lead to unintended consequences. The inch number on the bucket should match the inch measurement of the boom.

How do you store a backhoe attachment?

While every attachment comes with its own specifications, some slide back when the tractor is parked. Others fold back instead. This feature facilitates storage by freeing up room that would otherwise be taken up by the attachment.