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Barbie Games

Barbie is a brand in the toy industry and arguably one of the most widely recognized dolls ever. Mattel designs and makes various games involving Barbie and all her friends in addition to a wide variety of other Barbie-themed products. There are frequently additional Barbie games available thanks to the company making efforts in continuing to create Barbie games regularly.

What types of Barbie themed games are available?

Barbie games come in various styles and are centered on different themes. Game themes and titles that focus on Barbie and her friends include Barbie superhero, Barbie design, careers, pop star, princess, makeover, shopping, Disney, pet, school, fashion, Barbie wedding, and party games. Barbie has always been known primarily for being a fashion and career inspiration brand. Each of the most well-known Barbie toys are focused on inspiring girls to pursue various careers and to develop their own personal style sense. The variety of options from Barbie helps girls realize their own individualism. Just as they can dress their Barbie exactly the way they want when enacting story lines of various careers, social occasions, or adventures, girls can do the same within the scope of a game world by creating their Barbie avatar exactly the way they want her to be.

What types of villains are in Barbie games?

The brand Mattel typically designs games for Barbie that do include villains, but they are usually more humorous than especially malicious. They also nearly always have a funny animal sidekick that is a mirror to the main hero. Having the villains be a relatively nonthreatening character keeps Barbie games kid-friendly and appropriate for girls.

What types of story lines are in these Mattel games?

There are commonly makeovers, style planning, princess themes, fashion designing, adventures, wedding party, and social story lines that are incorporated into the games with a Barbie theme. There may be other side story lines going on among her friends in these toys.

What is the Barbie Christmas advent calendar game?

The Barbie advent calendar game for December is a way for you and your child to count down the days leading up to Christmas. You merely have to open each numbered compartment on the advent calendar that coincides to the date. Each day, there is a Barbie doll accessory inside of the compartment that can be used just like any other of the accessories for your Barbie.

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