Batteries for Sony Cameras

Your Guide to Selecting Battery Units For Sony Camcorders

The battery for Sony camcorders is built with energy cells that can distribute power to a drained recording device. Youll find product varieties with hardware that is compatible with a specific series of Sony camera devices. Many batteries include a traditional charging cord, mobile charging hardware, or a standard and mobile charging cord.

What brands are compatible with Sony camcorders?

Most of the battery options for your Sony device will be produced by the company itself, and the main series battery options will include hardware from the V, H, or P series. These camcorder batteries hold a charge by using lithium technology. Whether you need spare accessories during an outdoor filming session or your power has just run out while recording at a family gathering, you can use batteries by Sony to continue shooting after the main battery cells of your camcorder have drained. Also, whenever the replacement battery needs to be recharged, the Li-ion hardware will help the cells charge quickly.

Generic battery brands are also options for camcorders that need a power source. These products are engineered with Li-ion hardware as well.

What are the different battery options for your Sony device?

NP-FW50 battery products are designed with full decoded hardware, and theyre engineered with a 1500mAh capacity. These models have DC 8.4V output hardware, and the power cells are built with Li-ion elements.

NP-F970 battery options have a 8700mAh capacity, and the electrical hardware can produce 7.2V. Traditional cords and mobile adapters can be used with NP-F-970 batteries. Other battery options include:

  • NP-F550
  • BP-511
  • NP-BX1
  • NP-BG1
  • NP-F750
What are the compatible series products and capacity options?

Most batteries will work with camcorders in the Alpha and Cyber-shot series. The lowest power capacity for a battery thats designed for a product in the Alpha or Cyper-shot series is 1000mAh, and the highest energy level for most batteries is 1500mAh. Because the capacity level influences the housing designs, different batteries will require a specific charger device.

The chargers for 1000mAh and 1500mAh batteries are designed with a single component or dual compartments. On a typical charger base, youll find an indicator that monitors the charging process. If a charger product has an LED display, a battery icon will help you determine when a battery is fully charged. Chargers that lack a display panel will have a simple LED light; this light will illuminate a certain color when charging is done. The power cord ports help a charger distribute electricity to drained low or high capacity batteries, and these compartments are typically found on the side of a chargers housing.

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