Molduras y acabados de carrocería para Mitsubishi Mighty Max

Mitsubishi Mighty Max Exterior Moldings and Trim

Mitsubishi Mighty Max moldings and trim are available in a range of styles. Each serves a slightly different purpose to highlight features on your vehicle, like the door or window. Cleaning moldings regularly can help them to stay attractive and useful.

What styles of molding are available?

Different styles of molding available for the Mitsubishi Mighty Max include pillar posts, window molding, fender molding, rocker panels, side body molding, wind deflectors, bumper molding, and tailgate molding.

  • Pillar posts line the side glass vertically down the middle while window molding borders the rest of the glass. These two types of molding work together to highlight Mighty Max’s auto glass. Pillar posts and window molding often come in various metallic hues along with matte black to provide options for owners to express their aesthetic tastes. These types of molding are durable.
  • Fender trim is installed at the bottom of the Mitsubishi Mighty Max above the wheel wells. Fender trim is shaped to match the curvature of the vehicle and often comes in metallic or black shades to contrast with the Mitsubishi Mighty Max’s paint job. Metallic fender trim may also bring out features like hubcaps or wheels if they have a similar tone or shine.
  • Rocker panels are large, chunky pieces of trim that sit at the bottom of the Mitsubishi Mighty Max along its sides. These pieces border the bottom of the vehicle and define its silhouette. Body side molding lies further up the truck and is often thin. It is installed where the body of the truck starts to curve downward. The two types of trim design combine to work simultaneously or exist individually.
  • Deflectors are curved pieces of plastic that are installed just above the windows to act as overhangs. They prevent elements such as wind, bugs, and dirt from entering the vehicle. Different types of deflectors are shaped slightly differently to prevent wind versus insects from getting into the vehicle. Typically these pieces of plastic are clear, grey, or black.
  • Bumper trim is located under the Mitsubishi Mighty Max’s front vent or grill. It is typically a color different from the truck’s paint to contrast with the features at the front of the vehicle. Tailgate molding works similarly at the opposite end of the truck. This molding is usually a metallic strip that sits horizontally along the back of the truck to add shine in a metallic tone and highlight metallic features.
How do you clean moldings?

Moldings can be cleaned by mixing warm water with soap and applying the solution to the truck in a circular motion until the vehicle is free of debris. When the moldings are clean, rinse them with fresh water and then dry them with a soft cloth. You may wish to polish some moldings by applying polish in a circular motion and then repeating the process with another soft cloth to remove any excess.