The Bose A20 Aviation Headset Offers Quiet, Comfortable Communication

Whether you fly your own airplane or rent one occasionally, you know how the constant noise of the prop and engine can interfere with your hearing ability. ATC communication is too critical to risk hearing garbled instructions through an inferior headset. Find clear audio in the affordable A20 aviation headset, now available through eBay.

Is a Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth headset important?

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset may or may not be Bluetooth-compatible. For ATC communication, Bluetooth technology plays no role. However, here are a few reasons to consider the Bluetooth option before you make your final decision:

  • Consider your trip time - If you enjoy listening to music or taking telephone calls to help pass the time, a Bluetooth-enabled headset pairs with your Bluetooth-compatible phone or music device.
  • Reliance on aviation apps - Although ATC should provide important audio alerts if your flight is a short VFR hop, you might miss those updates. When you pair your headset with a device loaded with a reliable aviation app, those valuable alerts interrupt the music to notify you of unusual traffic or weather. If you fly a lot of single-pilot flights, an aviation app alert is a valuable option.
  • Personal preference - Some pilots do not like the distraction a Bluetooth headset offers. Although you do not have to pair your Bluetooth headset with any device, you may prefer a non-Bluetooth enabled headset depending on your preferences.

Why replace an old working headset with the A20 headset?

If you have some degree of hearing loss, here are a few reasons to replace your old headset:

  • Microphone switch - Swap the microphone from left to right with ease.
  • Fully certified - Both E/TSO-C139a standards and FAA TSO standards are available.
  • Noise - Noise reduction and noise canceling features are offered.
  • Lightweight - It weighs just 12 ounces.
  • Sheepskin cushions - With minimal clamping force, this increases comfort and decreases pinched ears.
  • Active equalization - This shapes incoming signals to improve intelligibility and enhance clarity.
  • Clear audio - It helps voice clarity with mealy-mouthed controllers.

Is the A20 Headset compatible only with fixed-wing aircraft?

No, when flying helicopters just use the standard single U174/U plug. Fixed-wing aircraft ranging from a Cessna 150 to a Boeing 777 uses the standard dual plugs. If you own your aircraft, consider installing a LEMO system that uses a 6-pin plug to use the electrical system to power your headset instead of the batteries.

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