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Bumpers for Buick Terraza

The Buick Terraza, a General Motors passenger minivan, contains an integrated bumper assembly at both the front and rear of the car. This serves to enhance the styling of the vehicle while providing a cushion to absorb the impact of low-speed collisions. The front bumper assembly is unique to the Terraza and does not share a common bumper cover with other contemporary GM minivans.

What components are used for front and rear bumper assemblies?

The major components of the front and rear bumper assemblies of a Buick Terraza include:

  • Front fascia bar: This is located underneath the front fascia cover and is not visible when the Buick is fully assembled. This piece connects the front fascia to the engine compartment above the headlights.
  • Front fascia cover: This is the portion of the bumper assembly that is visible to the naked eye. The front fascia cover can be painted to match the rest of the vehicle and it makes up most of the visible portion of the front end of the Terraza.
  • Energy absorber: The energy absorber sits behind the lower portion of the front fascia cover and serves to absorb impacts from collisions. The energy absorber is not visible when the bumper assembly is completely intact.
  • Rear fascia cover: The rear fascia cover is the visible portion of the Terraza rear bumper assembly. It is typically painted to match the body color of the Buick and mounts directly to the body of the minivan.
  • Rear energy absorber: The rear energy absorber sits underneath the rear fascia and provides absorption during collisions. The rear energy absorber is also mounted directly to the body of the vehicle.
What does a Buick Terraza bumper look like?

The Terraza bumper builds on decades of Buick heritage while remaining true to its minivan form. The front bumper cover is a single piece that surrounds much of the front of the vehicle. A Buick Terraza front bumper includes a cutout for the trademark chrome waterfall Buick grille and holes for the fog lights. The Buick Terraza CXL trim has chrome accents along the bumper as well. The Buick Terraza rear bumper is interchangeable with other GM minivans of the same model years, including the Chevrolet Uplander, and is painted to match the body color of the vehicle. The rear bumper contains ribbed styling details on the lower portion of the bumper cover for enhancement.

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