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Bumpers & Parts for Ford Escape

Ford Escape Bumpers

Ford Escape bumpers shield important car parts from other objects. Replacement Ford Escape bumpers come in a variety of options. To find the right bumper for your Ford, there are several elements you should keep in mind.

What are Ford Escape bumpers made of?

Compatible bumpers for a cars make and model come in a variety of materials. While the overall purpose is universal, materials determine strength, appearance, and life span.

  • Steel: These durable bumpers offer enhanced body frame protection during a collision, but are among the heaviest out of all materials. While compatible with the Ford Escape, steel bumpers are generally used for off-road SUVs.
  • Aluminum alloy: Characterized as being lightweight, an aluminum alloy bumper is a common choice due to its widespread availability.
  • Carbon fiber: If you’re looking for a lightweight bumper without sacrificing durability, carbon fiber bumpers may be right for you. This material is customizable to perfectly match the exterior of your vehicle.
  • Fiberglass: Commonly found in aftermarket bumpers, fiberglass offers enhanced customization options. This material is lightweight and durable.
  • Plastic: One of the most commonly found materials is plastic. Its poly resin composition resists impacts, which offers extended life span during minor fender benders.
Who makes and sells replacement Ford bumpers?

When looking for a replacement bumper, it’s important to confirm its compatibility with your vehicle make and model. Refer to your Escape owner’s manual for bumper specifications. After learning size limitations, there are several buying options.

  • OEM bumpers: This term stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Essentially, these bumpers are made, or authorized, by Ford. OEM bumpers are custom-built for specific year and model specifications. This reduces the likelihood of your new bumper not fitting properly.
  • Aftermarket bumpers: Manufactured by third parties, these bumpers deliver a more customized appearance and come in a variety of styles. It’s important to confirm compatibility with your specific vehicle model. Remember, not all Escape body frames are the same.
  • CAPA bumpers: While not a requirement, the Certified Automotive Parts Association credential ensures a bumper features correct specifications to fit your vehicle trim and was built according to strict quality standards.
What features are there for Ford SUV bumpers?

Although bumpers shield your car body from impacts, there are accessories designed to protect your bumper. These optional accessories protect the bumper from damage during minor collisions and add an additional layer of protection in the unfortunate event of a more serious impact. Bumper guards and grilles cover specific areas or the entire bumper.