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Ford Focus Bumpers

The name Ford has become synonymous with integrity and innovation in the auto world. The Ford Focus is a mid-size sedan that is affordable and fun to drive. With a wide selection of bumpers, you can find the replacements you need for your Ford Focus.

When should you replace the bumper for your Focus?

Whether youve been in an accident or are just looking to update the look of your Focus, replacing this item is an easy fix. You can choose a simple Ford version that looks as fresh and new as the first day you purchased your Ford Focus. You can also select a fancier model with under-lighting or in a color that pops against your current paint job. If your Focus has been in an accident, its easy to choose a new part to replace your current, damaged one by keeping the year and model in mind to ensure you get a perfect fit.

How do you remove a Ford Focus Bumper?

Removing either the front bumper or rear bumper on your Ford Focus is a relatively easy process requiring only a few tools. Youll need a screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and someone to give you a hand for heavier bumper models.

  • Once you have safely parked your Ford vehicle on an even surface, you can begin removing both headlights using a screwdriver to remove the screws. Next, you will rotate the headlight up and out. Remember to disconnect the electrical wiring.
  • Locate and remove the push pins that are used to secure the top portion of the bumper. You can use a flat head screwdriver to pry the centers up. Then you’ll be able to remove the whole clips.
  • Next, you will be disconnecting the hood latch cable. Needle nose pliers work well for this step. After finding the cable attached to the level, simply pull up on it to free it away from its plastic retainer.
  • You will now need to take out the under-body cover. Remove the plastic strip located at the bottom of your Ford Focus. Remove the T30 screws located along the bottom. You will also need to remove all three screws and the push pin attached within the wheel well on both sides of your Focus.
  • Now you will actually remove the bumper. Each end is secured to the fenders with brackets composed of plastic. There are a couple of hooks clipping each bracket into place. The easiest method involves loosening the two bolts securing the bracket. You can access them by peeling the wheel well liner back. Next, you will push down on the bracket, freeing the ends.
  • Each side of your Ford Focus has a large hook that this part is clipped into. Disengage it by pressing down. Remember to unplug the electrical connections. You can now safely remove the entire piece with both hands.