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Jeep Cherokee Bumpers

Your Jeep Cherokee has many options available when replacing the front and rear bumpers. Depending on what you utilize your Jeep for, you can find a type of bumper that can meet your needs. Here are some questions that may come up when looking for options.

Which front bumpers are available for the Jeep Cherokee?

The type of front bumper mounted on your Jeep Cherokee can affect where you can drive your vehicle. Here are some of the different types of bumpers available.

  • Tubular front bumpers normally consist of two hollow metal tubes that are welded together and run across the front of your Jeep Cherokee. One advantage of this is the lightweight design and various places where you can mount lighting.
  • Mid-width front bumpers are designed to offer a better level of tire clearance and approach angle for off-roading compared to stock models. These are generally lighter than stock options made of similar materials.
  • Stubby bumpers allow for a large number of accessories to be mounted on the frame and add functionality to your Jeep. These provide a good amount of tire clearance and are lightweight and strong.
  • Stinger bumpers are designed to help protect the Jeep from downhill rollovers. Some other uses of this style is as a ramp that allows the Cherokee to traverse on boulders and rocks.
What materials are used in Jeep bumpers?

The materials used in the construction of your Jeep Cherokee bumper can vary and have different advantages and features. Your rear bumper will typically be made of plastic or fiberglass design. For front Jeep bumpers, where you may need a greater amount of protection for your Cherokee, you will typically find bumpers made of steel or aluminum. Steel will typically be heavier, but provide a greater amount of protection, but depending on the construction of the bumper, aluminum can provide some protection.

What features are available for Jeep Cherokee bumpers?

When searching for a replacement, there can be different features that can add functionality to your fender. Here are some accessories that you may find helpful.

  • Recovery equipment such as a winch or towing points can be helpful when off-roading. You will also want to select a fender that can handle the stress of towing as well. There are several bumpers that have winches built into their design, or you can add a winch to a compatible bumper.
  • Fog lighting can be another consideration if you’re going to be driving your Jeep Cherokee frequently at night. Several designs will have mounting places for lights or fog lighting built into the bumper.
  • Tier carriers can be found typically on rear bumpers. If your Cherokee doesn’t already have a tire mount, this could be a useful feature to add for roadside tire changes.
  • Hitch mounts are another feature that you may look at if you would like to pull a trailer with your Jeep Cherokee. Hitch mounts may also have hookups for trailer lighting as well.