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Bumpers for Lincoln Mark LT

Manufactured from 2005 through 2008, the Lincoln Mark LT was designed as a cross between the Ford F-Series pickup and the Lincoln Navigator. Replacement parts for this four-door pickup truck are still available. If you need replacement bumpers for your pickup truck, there are numerous options available to you.

What colors are available for Lincoln bumpers?

Color options include black, white, and silver. If your Lincoln Mark LT was painted and customized, you can also buy an unfinished bumper and paint the color you used on the truck. The bumpers were designed to pair with the original vehicles and match the style of your specific trim.

What materials are Lincolns front bumpers made from?

Many bumpers for the Lincoln Mark LT are constructed from chrome. Typically, the front bumper, upper fascia, and lower valance are painted to match the color of the body of the vehicle. There are covers available for these front bumpers

What are Lincolns rear bumpers made from?

These alloy step-bumpers for the Lincoln Mark LT are made of steel and chrome blends.The rear bumper often houses a recess for the license plate and is located above an inset step pad over an optional hitch receiver plate. Accessories available for this specific rear bumper include bumper covers.

What are the dimensions and weight of the front bumper?

The exact weight will vary based on your Lincolns specific model and trim, but most will weigh approximately 77 pounds. As a result of the steel used in these parts, they are designed for regular use. The dimensions of the original equipment manufactured replacement parts for the Lincoln are approximately 78 inches by 19 inches by 17 inches.

What is the compatibility of the bumpers with reinforcement bars?

Impact bars are available for the Lincoln Mark LT front and rear bumpers. They go between the Mark LTs engine components and the front bumper.

What is the front fascia?

The front fascia is the front clip of the Mark LT that includes the bumper, valence, and grill surround area. The fascia is designed to affect the amount of air running underneath the vehicle along with the airflow to the intake and the radiator.

What material is the bumpers trim made from?

Your Lincoln Mark LT vehicle may have a trim surrounding the corners. This trim will be made of chrome and go directly under the taillights and headlights. On many Mark LTs chrome cladding visually links the front and rear bumper.

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