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Toyota 4Runner Bumpers

The bumper on your Toyota 4Runner was designed to protect you and the vehicle in the event you are in a low-speed impact. Essentially, the bumper is comprised of parts that help absorb the shock. When looking for a replacement bumper for your 4Runner, there are some considerations you will need to make.

How many layers make up a 4Runner bumper?

Replacement Toyota bumpers are comprised of three parts that work together to protect the front end of the car. These layers include:

  • The inner layer: This layer is made from a metal or plastic composite material.
  • The middle layer: This layer contains the crush cans or absorbers that take some of the shock from a low-speed impact.
  • The outer layer: This outer layer is made from a number of material types and covers the front end of the Toyota.
What materials are bumpers made of?

Replacement Toyota bumpers may be made from four different materials. These materials include:

  • Steel: This material is what was traditionally used to make bumpers. While it is extremely strong and durable, it is quite a heavy material that is used to make this particular part.
  • Fiberglass: This material is lightweight, meaning it will not add unnecessary weight to your car.
  • Carbon fiber: This material is also lightweight and extremely durable. It can give your 4Runner truck a sportier look.
  • Plastic composite: This material comes in a variety of designs and can be fit to most trucks, including the 4Runner. This is the most common type of bumper material found on trucks.
Where are bumpers located on the Toyota 4Runner?

There are several different places where you will find bumpers on a Toyota. These locations include:

  • Front bumper: These bumpers are located at the front of your Toyota truck just below the hood. It protects your car from low-speed impacts caused by other vehicles or barriers. Depending on where you live, you may be required to have a place to install a license plate.
  • Rear bumper: The rear bumper protects the rear end of your truck from low-speed impacts that may come from behind. These include impacts from other vehicles, barriers, and poles.
  • Body kits: These kits replace the bumpers with a skirt that is mounted around the body of your Toyota. The kits can help improve the performance of your car by reducing the amount of air that flows into the undercarriage. The body kits must meet the same standards as the bumpers in order to be street-legal.