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Toyota Corolla Bumpers

The Toyota Corolla has been one of the most widely purchased cars in America for decades. This means that when Corolla owners need to buy a replacement part, they dont have a hard time finding something that meets their needs. When Corolla drivers need replacement bumpers, they have many front and rear options to choose from.

When should you buy replacement Toyota bumpers?

If your Toyota Corolla has been in an accident that left the cars bumpers permanently damaged, then replacements are a must. If there are just a few scrapes or dents, however, its possible that the structural integrity wasnt damaged. Corolla owners should talk to a mechanic if theyre unsure whether or not they need to completely replace the bumper.

What is the function of the bumper?

Front and rear bumpers arent just for show. They act as an extra layer of insulation, guarding the cars essential mechanical parts in the event of a collision, as they are designed to absorb impact. They also protect the drivetrain, radiator, and engine. Having high-quality front and rear bumpers can prevent further damage to the car when accidents happen, making them an important investment.

What types of bumpers are available for the Toyota Corolla?

For Toyota Corolla drivers, there are two types of bumpers to choose from. Front bumpers are attached to the front end of the Corolla, and these parts provide shock absorption and style for the front-end area of the car. Rear bumpers are, obviously, attached to the rear of the Corolla, and they protect the mechanical parts at the back of your Toyota Corolla, including the exhaust system, the cars axle, and of course the rear tires.

What other parts for the bumper will Corolla drivers need?

When installing a replacement rear or front bumper, Toyota Corolla drivers may need a few extra parts. These parts may be necessary due to existing damage or they may be selected because they enhance safety features. These Toyota Corolla accessories and parts include the following:

  • Absorber: Corolla absorbers are mounted on top of the rear or front bumper to provide extra shock absorption for the bumper if an impact occurs.
  • Bracket: These metal parts keep front and rear bumpers affixed to the cars frame. Most Toyota Corollas require more than one.
  • Clip: These are used to connect the front bumper to the fender.
  • Cover: The covers are fitted over the rear and front bumpers to provide the Corolla with an extra layer of protection.
What materials are Toyota bumpers made from?

Bumpers can be made from any of a variety of high-quality materials, and your choice for a replacement part depends on a number of factors. You can select bumpers made from plastic, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Each has their unique benefits.