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CHANEL Sandals

Coco Chanel loved a beach getaway, which could explain Karl Lagerfeld's obsession with sandals and flip flops. CHANEL's breezy footwear stays in step with the house codes: camellias, gold details, chains and even tweed make an appearance on many styles, no matter the season. Sandals get touches of pearls, smatterings of rhinestones and those signature double Cs. Even the humble flip flop gets an upgrade at the hands of Lagerfeld. Covetable, collectible and instantly recognizable, there's a reason they have a loyal following that can't get enough.

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CHANEL Sandals

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Complete Your Everyday Outfit With Stylish Chanel Women's Sandals

Chanel produces a wide variety of footwear for women, including sandals that are comfy to wear yet fashionable for a semi-casual outfit at the same time. You can search eBay to find a nice selection of inexpensive Chanel flip-flops or slides in various color palettes and styles. Understanding some of the design elements you can choose for your Chanel sandals will help you find the models that match your preferences.

Choosing design elements for your Chanel sandals

There are a few extra design elements you might want to add to your pair of Chanel sandals for women:

  • Inserts - If you want to get some extra comfort and support, then you can find some Chanel slide sandals that include orthopedic inserts. This kind of foam lining can conform to the shape of your foot and is intended to relieve some pressure.
  • Stretch - Should you need a little extra room in your sandals but want to make sure they still fit your feet properly, you can opt for Chanel flip-flops that can stretch a bit to accommodate you.
  • Cap toe - You can choose these sandals if you want a comfortable flip-flop that does not expose your toes.
Finding materials for your Chanel women's sandals

Chanel makes slide sandals or flip-flops that use different materials for the uppers to meet various needs. Although faux leather and patent leather are common, you can also find models that use suede for a slightly smoother, more refined look that might make a nice formal sandal. Some of these products also use linen or cotton parts to provide extra breathability.

When might you consider preowned Chanel strap sandals?

You can find a variety of brand new and secondhand Chanel sandals for sale on eBay. If you want to get the designer look that the company can provide but your budget is limited, then it is a good idea to check out the used section of Chanel flip-flops on eBay to see what models are available. Looking at the preowned Chanel sandals is a good way to expand your options and make sure you are checking out all the colors, patterns, or styles that might be good additions to your wardrobe. You may also be able to find out additional information on the fit and performance of the sandals. Many used sandals from Chanel have few signs of any cosmetic wear, and all the models you find here are intended to function adequately.

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