Pesos de calibración

Lab Weights Calibration Sets

Laboratory weights and scales must be balanced and calibrated properly before you can use them for exact measurements. Calibration weights are designed to test and balance digital scales that you might use in fields like science or engineering for precise tasks. Because various weights and scales are divided into different classes, it can be helpful to know some of the most common classes and specifications of lab weights calibration sets.

What kinds of weights can you buy?

You'll need different types of weights in order to calibrate various scales correctly. Most weights are categorized according to both how much they weigh and the class of scales they are meant to balance. In addition to these main features, you can shop for scales based on other qualities.

  • You may wish to purchase weights according to the types of materials used in their construction, such as steel or carbon fiber.
  • Weights can be further divided based on their industry type, such as general, commercial, educational, or industrial use balances.
  • You can choose from items that have the specific sizes and shapes you need for easy carrying, storage, or transport to and from any work area.
What features do AWS lab weights have?

Calibration sets from AWS have the specifications listed below.

  • Each one is 500 grams in total.
  • These lab items are calibrated for OIML class M2 scale balance testing purposes.
  • You can use them to balance digital scales in a laboratory.
  • They are constructed of carbon steel and feature a shiny chrome finish on the exterior.
  • A tapered, round head at the top of each weight allows you to stack these units on top of one another if necessary.
  • Each item features an adjustment cavity in the center of its base.
What items are included in the Neweer eight-piece laboratory set?

Neweer's eight-piece set of lab calibration scales contains all the units listed below.

  • A single 10-gram unit
  • Two 20-gram units
  • One 50-gram unit
  • Two 100-gram units
  • A 200-gram unit
  • One 500-gram unit

All items are made of stainless steel and feature chrome plating on their surfaces.

What are the different classes for lab scales?

When you need to balance digital laboratory scales, the units you use will belong to one of seven classes.

  • M3
  • M2
  • M1
  • F2
  • F1
  • E2
  • E1

Each class has its own thresholds for permissible errors and nominal values.