Camera Battery Grips for Sony Alpha

Camera Battery Grips That Support Sony Alpha Cameras

The camera battery grip for Sony Alpha cameras gives photographers unique horizontal and vertical shooting opportunities. These pieces are designed with various circuits, so batteries are needed in order to implement various photography routines during photo shoots. Youll find a variety of grip options for multiple series cameras by different photography accessory brands.

What are the different camera battery grip brands?

Besides Sony, there are many other brands that manufacture grips that can be used with Alpha products. The main options include:

  • Meike: Many battery grips by this brand are compatible with A6300 camera products, and theyre designed with a shutter release button. The wired, controlled shutter release layout helps a photographer tackle vertical shooting routines. This is why Meike accessories are typically used during portrait photo shoots. During long shoots, Meike grips perform well because theyre built with remote control hardware that can transmit a signal up to 100 meters.
  • Neewer: Neewer battery grips are engineered with hardware that can handle working temperatures that range from -20 degrees to -70 degrees. The frame on a typical grip is strategically designed so that a photographer can tackle vertical shooting and horizontal shooting tasks without implementing complicated procedures. These products dont heat up dramatically throughout long shooting routines as they only generate 7.2v to 8.4v.
  • Vivitar: Vivitar products can be used with different A77 series products. These battery grips have hardware that provide extended shooting times. Most battery grips by this brand are also designed with AF/ML and AE-L buttons with multi-selector dials.

What are the Sony battery type options?

Multiple battery grip pieces for cameras are designed with device-specific hardware that functionwith certain kinds of batteries. Some products are also made with hardware that support a device-specific power option and AA batteries. Many grips use rechargeable batteries, and a typical accessory can hold a charge for a reasonable length of time. This is possible because different brands engineer their products with power hardware that supports lithium-ion technology.

What are the Sony accessory design features?

All camera accessories have a thick plastic housing, and many power buttons are placed on this material. On the back or side of the housing, youll find a compartment and slots. The compartment is designed for the batteries, and the slots hold data management solutions such as flash cards.The radio hardware that detects various frequencies is mounted underneath the housing. Because the housing isnt too dense, a typical grip thats designed with an IR remote can effectively capture photos while the hardware is up to 20 feet away.

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