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Take Photos with a Canon 15- to 85-mm Lens

You may want to add to your photographic abilities with a new lens. eBay offers new and used Canon lenses for you to choose from. The Canon 15- to 85-mm zoom lens comes in various models, ensuring you get the one that meets your needs.

What can a 15- to 85-mm lens be used for?

A 15- to 85-mm lens is a zoom lens that allows you to choose what you want to focus in on. The 15mm is a wide angle, allowing you to get close to the subject while getting a broad depth-of-field. When you zoom in to the 85mm aspect, it allows you to use it as a standard lens, taking photos of such things as people and buildings.

What is the focus type?

Most of the lenses available will allow you to switch back and forth between autofocus and manual focus. This is done by shifting a toggle on the side of the lens. Each mode has its benefits.

  • Auto: The camera will focus in on the subject for you using advanced optics in the viewfinder.
  • Manual: You can decide what you want to focus in on and choose to make certain components blurry.
With what kind of camera can you use this lens?

The Canon 15- to 85-mm lens can be used on most Canon SLR camera models. Make sure that the mount for the lens is compatible with the camera body. Otherwise, you will need to get an adapter. The Canon EF mount is the most common mount currently on the market. It does not matter whether the camera is a traditional SLR or a digital SLR as long as the mount works with the lens.

What items might be included with a lens?

You can find a number of custom bundles on eBay. The products included in these bundles can consist of more than just a zoom lens and can range from the following:

  • Lens caps: There are two lens caps designed to protect a lens, one on each side.
  • Carrying case: A cushioned carrying case is designed to protect your lens inside the camera bag.
  • Lens leash: This item helps keep the lens cap attached to the lens with an elastic cord.
  • Cleaning kit: This kit includes an air blower, a lens cloth, and other items you can use to help clean the glass.
  • Lens hood: A hood snaps onto the front of the lens and will help to protect it from harsh UV rays.
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