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Canon EOS Digital Camera Facts and Figures

Digital cameras can provide you with the means of capturing photos while on a vacation or when running errands. These cameras, such as the Canon EOS, come equipped with a variety of screen sizes that extend from less than 2 inches to around 2.5 inches. As for magnification levels, these cameras can be outfitted with optical zoom amounts that extend from 2x magnification to more than 40x magnification.

What is the resolution of a digital camera?

The resolution of a digital camera refers to the amount of detail that is captured with every photo you take. As the number increases, so does the amount of detail that is captured in each picture. The resolution of a camera and its lens is measured in pixels. Although higher resolution numbers can capture more detail, this refers to larger pictures of the same scene. It is possible for lower resolution cameras to capture the same amount of detail as higher resolution devices by capturing a smaller amount of the scene. The megapixel amounts available with these cameras range from 2 MP to more than 20 MP.

What are the different types of cameras available from Canon?

There are several options of cameras from Canon to consider:

  • Bridge cameras: This type of camera comes with a single lens that cannot be removed. They tend to come with a mix of manual and automatic features, a viewfinder, and a long-range zoom lens with a variable zoom range.
  • Mirrorless cameras: This is a type of camera that has a small body and comes with an interchangeable lens system. There is no mirror located between the lens and the sensor. These particular cameras can be equipped with full-frame sensors.
  • Digital SLR: This is a digital single-lens reflex camera that is equipped with a digital imaging sensor as well as an array of manual and automatic features. They also come with interchangeable lenses.
  • Compact: Also called a point-and-shoot camera, this is a type of camera that is small and primarily comes with automatic features. It is designed to point and shoot at a specific scene without requiring you to change settings beforehand. The Canon PowerShot is an example of this type of camera.
What are some available features for these cameras?

These cameras can be outfitted with a large number of features, including the ability to capture video at high-definition 1080p resolution. Some of the standard lens features include blink detection, interval shooting mode, noise reduction, smile detection, and image stabilization. Some models come with an autofocus system, while others are equipped with such modes as automatic pixel mapping and auto contrast balance. As for the sensor, certain cameras come with a complementary metalEUR"oxideEUR"semiconductor sensor, while others are outfitted with viewfinders. Additional features like a tripod thread and built-in flash are also available.

Which colors do Canon digital cameras come in?

These cameras come in a range of colors, the primary of which include options like black and silver. Some additional color options include white, red, gold, brown, and blue. Certain models come in multiple colors with combinations like silver and black or blue and black.

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