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Car Audio Amplifiers in Consumer Electronics

Music has become more of a therapeutic remedy for many people today and it is paramount that you get quality whether you are at home or in your car. An amplifier drives your sound system and is essential whether you are improving your car sound system or installing a new one. A good amp that is carefully weighted to your speaker's input should orchestrate quality sound through high-frequency sound and low bass beats.

What is clipping?

Clipping in-car audio refers to a situation where the amplifier suffers distortion due to insufficient power. When an amplifier is pushed beyond the manufacturer's powering capability, it begins to send square waves. This normally causes distortions or may even fry the amplifier in some longer use cases.

What should you look for when purchasing a car amplifier?

The best way to avoid future problems is by shopping for reputable brands. When doing so, look out for the weight and size of the amplifier. An amplifier that dissipates a lot of power will require big heat sinks to cool off. Digital amplifiers are an exception to this. All amplifiers, however, generally generate some heat. A large heat sink does not necessarily mean a huge heat sink. In addition, it is also wise to look at the fuse installed. The fuse and wattage determine the RMS power, which is an important factor to look at when buying an amplifier.

What are some of the best brands of car amps?

  • JL Audio: Renowned for high-performance amplifiers with advanced technologies.
  • Rockford Fosgate: Known for their powerful and reliable amplifiers, catering to car audio enthusiasts.
  • Alpine: A trusted brand offering a range of car audio solutions, including premium amplifiers.
  • KICKER: Recognized for delivering robust and efficient amplifiers, enhancing in-car audio experiences.
  • Kenwood: A well-established brand providing a variety of car audio amplifiers known for their quality and innovation.

What is the difference between peak power and RMS power?

RMS power is more reliable in measuring a speaker's output and power requirements. This power is normally quantified in watts. Peak power, on the other hand, denotes the amount of power that a speaker can accommodate on a spurt of music.

What does speaker sensitivity say about a speaker?

Speaker sensitivity refers to the capacity of the speakers to translate power into sound. A highly-rated speaker is more efficient and is louder than one with a low rating, despite both having the same power source. This should not be confused, however, with the output capability of a speaker because a subwoofer with a low rating may still be louder than a highly-rated subwoofer.

What is wattage in relation to car speakers and audio?

Subwoofers and speakers are made to handle up to a certain amount of power. Their capacity to hold this thermal and mechanical energy is what is termed as wattage. The wattage varies from one stereo to another depending on the frequency and enclosure type. It's important to check on the wattage capacity so that you do not overclock your car speakers. Be sure to note that higher wattage usually leads to a higher price for car amps.

What is CEA-2006 compliance?

The Consumer Electronics Association tests car amplifiers to see if they are satisfactory before they can be listed for sale. A tested amplifier receives a rating if it is compliant with CEA 2006 standards. A CEA-2006 certified amplifier is always better than one that is not. A certified amplifier also denotes that the ratings are accurate. The association tests the RMS and signal-to-noise ratio, amongst other specifications.