Car Radio In-Dash Units

Before Purchasing a Car Radio, Here Are Some Thing to Know

The experience of driving is enriched with a great car radio. More advanced car radios do more than just connect to AM/FM radio when it comes to both entertainment and information. If you are shopping for a new car radio via the various affordable choices on eBay, read through the following common questions from shoppers about the devices.

What brands are available for purchase on eBay?

A variety of companies make high-quality car radios that will work with most vehicles in an aftermarket capacity. Each has their own set of features and capabilities. The following are some of the common brands you will find for sale.

  • Alpine
  • JVC
  • Sony
  • Boss
  • Kenwood
What functions can car radios perform?

Car radios arent just for terrestrial radio anymore. They provide a variety of functions to entertain drivers and passengers on both long drives and short trips. The following are some of the features you will find when shopping for car radios on eBay.

  • Bluetooth connectivity - Connect to your mobile phone wirelessly to stream audio directly to the receiver. It works with both iOS and Android phones.
  • AUX - The auxiliary input allows you to plug a music player directly into the receiver for a more reliable signal.
  • USB - With the USB input, you can connect your phone or tablet to the receiver for listening. As an added bonus, the receiver will also charge the phone while it is plugged in, as long as the car is on.
  • Remote control - Some units come with remote controls, allowing you the ability to control the radio from anywhere in the car with ease.
  • EQ - Shape and save sound settings for various music styles using the onboard EQs. There are also presets loaded on the device to help you get started with a great sound.
Is touchscreen available?

Yes. Some of the more advanced units available come with touchscreen technology, a smart technology that allows you to cycle through video and audio without external buttons. This streamlined feature adds to the functionality and versatility of the device because it is easy to change and customize.

Can you use car radios with any receiver and speakers?

Yes. As long as the receiver or speakers have the corresponding inputs, you can connect any car radio to them. This means you can use a new car radio to further improve the functionality and performance of your existing car stereo system without having to make further changes.