Your Guide to RC Cars

With their fun shapes and high-powered speed, remote-controlled car toys provide entertainment for all ages. Get an RC car to add to your toy collection, or find one as a gift for a young person.

How do you choose an RC car?

Here are some things to think about as you work on picking out a car.

  • Sounds: Consider whether you want a car with engine sounds or other noises.
  • Range: Pick a car that will still work when you are standing your desired distance from the vehicle.
  • Control type: Decide whether you want controls that provide things like additional speed modes and maneuverability.
  • Design: You can choose from cars that look like an actual vehicle or fun fantasy cars shaped like things from TV shows.
How do you tell the age limit for an RC car?

There usually are not hard age limits for RC cars, but a few factors can mean that certain cars are not suitable for younger drivers. Typically, kids' and toddlers' cars have very basic controls, and they often hide all batteries and powered parts inside a sturdy plastic housing. Cars made for older kids may have more controls, and they may be more delicate cars that cannot stand up to roughhousing. Meanwhile, cars meant for adults may actually have gas or nitro engines and mechanical parts that work just like a real vehicle.

What makes an RC car collectible?

Often, whether a car is a toy or a collectible depends on your own personal views. In general, people are more likely to see an RC car as a collectible if it is rare or hard to obtain. Older cars are often highly sought after by people who collect vintage toys. They can command a particularly high price if they are very old and still have their original packaging. Cars can also be collectible if they are a limited edition. Often, these limited editions are tie-ins with things like comic books or movies, so the cars may be collected by fans of these stories.

When should you look at used RC cars?

A restored RC car can be an excellent way to get a high-quality toy without having to spend a lot of money. Those looking to collect older RC cars will also typically end up checking out used cars since rarer cars usually are not in production anymore. Even used cars that are not in pristine condition can still be quite helpful. You can use them if you are interested in restoring a car since they can be a valuable source of parts.