Baterías de coche y camión

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Car and Truck Batteries

A good car or truck battery is essential to the safe operation of a vehicle. Batteries ensure that your car can run in the cold, can run accessories while the car is turned off, and can reliably start in all weather conditions. Batteries are relatively easy to replace in cars, usually requiring unscrewing just a few bolts in an accessible location.

What do car batteries do?

The car battery serves to provide power to the car when the engine is not running. Because of this, your vehicle depends entirely on its battery to start, since the engine is not running before the car is started. Batteries provides enough power in amps to the starter to allow the car to crank. The colder the weather outside, the more amps are needed to crank the ignition. Good batteries are essential to being able to start a vehicle in freezing temperatures. Once the car is running, the car battery charges with power generated by the alternator.

How do you know if your car battery needs to be replaced?
  • Difficulty starting - If your vehicle has more difficulty than normal when starting, your car battery may not be holding a charge and it may be time for a new car battery. Your ignition should not have to cycle more than normal to generate enough power to start.
  • Visual corrosion - If you pop your hood and see a significant amount of corrosion around the battery, it may be leaking. Leaking batteries need to be replaced and may be replaceable under warranty.
  • Go to an auto parts store for a free test - Most auto parts stores will provide free testing of batteries to ensure they are cranking the optimal number of amps. A trip to the auto parts store for a free test can also let you know if you can replace your battery under warranty.
What is the average life of a car battery?

A typical car battery should last between two and six years, depending on several factors. If the car is frequently started in very cold conditions, this places more strain on the battery and may wear it out sooner. Battery life also depends on how often the vehicle is run with the engine turned off - the best way to extend battery life is to keep the battery charged as long as possible. Car batteries typically come with a warranty for a set number of miles.