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Grilles for BMW

BMW grilles are an integral piece of a BMW X5, X6, Z4, or E90 car. Not only do they protect the internal components on the front of the vehicle, but they allow air to flow to the cooling system and aesthetically complete the look of a BMW. You can find a variety of options for replacement grilles for BMW.

What is the function of BMW grilles?

Grilles are black synthetic parts at the exterior front of every series of BMW that allows air to flow through to the fan and radiator, cooling the engine and providing oxygen to the engines air intake system. They also act as a barrier from the elements, preventing large rocks, sticks, or other pieces of debris from causing damage to the BMWs cooling components.

How do you know which grilles will fit your car?

To ensure that the grilles are appropriate for your series of BMW, check the specifications. Every page with BMW parts should have a description to let the buyer know which model and series correspond to the grilles they are purchasing. Most BMW grilles are trimmed in black and separated into two sections, a left drivers side and a front right. They look very similar, but they are not interchangeable parts.

Can you get grilles individually?

If you only need either a right or left grille, you can find them individually. When buying an individual part, however, you should ensure that you are purchasing the same variation as the one currently on your series BMW, whether it is an OEM part or an aftermarket piece. This is important for both styling and performance reasons. You may also want to double check that you are purchasing the correct side.

How do you install new grilles?

The first step when installing anything on your series BMW, is to make sure it is off and parked on flat ground with the parking brake engaged. If there is any slope, make sure the BMW is sloped away from you. Open the hood to the BMW or position yourself underneath the front end of the vehicle and find the clamps and brackets holding the grilles in place. Disengage each of the clamps and push the grilles out the front end of the BMW. Position the new set of black grilles accordingly and push them into place. Make sure they are aligned with the brackets and clip them securely, ensuring that the pieces dont fall out while operating the BMW.